Chair-tower lights

It seems, office furniture every day becomes all the amazing and bizarre. And functional changes - no, only the exterior design and the extra bells and whistles.

For example, a chair, made in the form of the Eiffel Tower. Beautiful, stylish, interesting ... But - it's just a chair! It just sits, as well as any other, is not such a stylized, chair. However, the chair-tower has one distinct advantage: it glows in the dark beautiful blue and white lights. As a real tower in Paris. A curious sight, is not it? This may surprise, shock, entertain. But the chair and will chair, he will not fly itself to move around the office that converts into a sofa or chair ...
Although there is already a game comes a matter of principle. Someone is vital to eat and drink on gold and silver, and someone is happy and eating out of plastic dishes.


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