In Russia, amendments to the SDA

July 1 to take effect the new provisions of the Code of Administrative Offences relating to the rules of the road; changed the rules themselves.

The main innovation was the automatic photo and video traffic offenses. From now on video footage, recorded traffic violations, are the basis for a fine, which will be mailed the owner of the technical means.

At the same time lawmakers seriously corrected an article about the presumption of innocence. Now, if the car is driven someone by proxy, rather than the owner of a car, owner, received by mail a receipt of the fine, will have to prove that he was not driving the car at the time of breaking the rules, according to RBC.

Some experts have called these amendments unconstitutional. So, Vice-Chairman of the Movement of Russian Motorists lawyer Leonid Olshansky believes that the position that gives the right to punish drivers on the basis of surveillance cameras at once violates two articles of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

"Imagine that you are the owner of the car, and entrusted to one of his relatives the right to its management. However, according to Article 51 of the Constitution, you are not required to declare the law enforcement agencies that were not driving and you do not violate the rules, and it was your relative, "- said the lawyer. He added that "violated both Article 51 and Article 49 (presumption of innocence), because it turns out that no law enforcement, as it says in the law, have to prove your guilt, and you have to make excuses».

Anyway, the new code, and has obvious advantages. For example, in cases in which the law provides "plug" in the fines (such as a fine or deprivation of the right to drive) of the violations recorded video system, appointed by the minimum sentence. However, if the violation is recorded personally inspector problem minimum or maximum, he decides for himself. With regard to automation, then deprived of rights, it will not be - such decisions will be made exclusively by people.

According to Deputy Head of the Department of Road Safety Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia Vladimir Kuzin, in addition to fixed cameras on the road will also be mobile video fixation system. The main task of special systems is to monitor the traffic in real time. The first such machines will appear at the Gorky Moscow, Yaroslavl and the Dmitrov highway.

Another key amendment, which entered into force on 1 July on checking the driver for alcohol. Now, the inspector may carry out such checks on the road with the help of the device, known popularly as the "breathalyzer". And to make it clear who is a drunk, a norm 0, 3 ppm. However, in this case, human rights activists fear that the traffic police will reprogram the devices to change the measurement readings in a big way.

From today, in Russia began operating a few more changes to the Administrative Code. In particular, in the absence of insurance coverage for the driver threatened with a ban on the exploitation stay. It must be remembered that once the policy expires, the car immediately falls into the category of not insured. To lose the license plate can also be car owners who have exceeded the emission of pollutants and noise.

Also among the new features it appears provision that if the ban on operation of the vehicle, the inspector removes the license plates, the driver is allowed to continue moving toward the elimination of the causes of such a ban without numbers throughout the day.

A little easier to become fans of the car park in the wrong place. With the new car on the evacuation of half spetsstoyanku and storage of the first day will be free.

It's all about the innovations of the Code of Administrative Offences, entered into force today. But from July 1, changes have occurred in the SDA. In particular, it is now forbidden to transport children in the back of the truck, even a specially equipped. Also prescribed when passing drivers standing by the side of the bus with the sign "Caution, children!" A minimum speed and to be extremely cautious. In addition, the canceled request duplicate registration number in large letters and numbers on the back of the trailer trucks and buses.


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