The new fragrance from Kate Moss

Maybe Kate Moss and lost contracts, as happened recently with the Italian fashion house Cavalli, however, her name continues to be the brand and falls in value. A few days ago announced the release of a model of his second perfume called «Velvet Hour». The fragrance is designed to reflect the beauty of advancing after sunset, and unbridled love for Kate nightlife. Eau de Toilette will combine the notes of patchouli, sandalwood, ambergris, nutmeg and freesia. The fragrance will be available this fall, and will fully reflect the bohemian spirit peculiar model.

The idea of ​​creating your own perfume is not revolutionary and attracts many stars who have already experienced the peak of its popularity and can afford to stop working in their own name and use that name works for them. So, in the near future there will be one more toilet water from the pop diva Mariah Carey called «Luscious Pink». Perfume of the singer promises to be a "sparkling floral, and" thanks to notes of Sicilian bergamot, rose tiara, lilies and pink peony and sandalwood and white musk.


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