For processing gets only 3% phone

Number of pieces of mobile phones is increasing every day and the question of what to do with the old machines, is becoming increasingly important.

Nokia has conducted a study on how to find out what people are doing with their phones obsolete. The survey of 6,500 people from various countries it was found that 16% sell their old phones, 25% just give them to your relatives or friends, and 45% of phones just lying around the house. The phone is given to the processing of only 3%. This is not surprising, since many simply do not know about such a possibility. The problem of recycling of obsolete devices already acquired a fairly large scale. For example, if the user of the 3 billion each surrender one unit for processing, it will result in savings of nearly 240 thousand tons of raw materials. Nokia has decided to seriously address this issue and is actively developing a network of reception centers Nokia Care Centers, which has already opened in 85 countries.


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