10 movies that have not come out!

1. "Alien 3" Vincent Ward

Rejecting a script written by William Gibson, science fiction writer, producer of the series "Alien" decided to continue the "Aliens", shot by James Cameron in the spirit of "Space Vietnam", ambitious and highly artistic staging of a New Zealander Vincent Ward, who has removed "Navigator" and then "River Queen". Planet of wood and spaceships in the spirit of the ocean clippers - these are just two of the strange ideas that suggested Ward. Unfortunately, the project was never realized. As a result, the film took off for the Fox another independent director - David Fincher.

By the way, now it's time to take a fresh look at his film "Alien 3", at one time caused a lot of ridicule. Unfortunately, the director's version of the film - its informal version entered the DVD-collection "Aliens" - seems to be so and will remain the greatest science fiction movie that nobody saw.

2. Superman vs. Batman

Abandoning the project Tim Burton's "Superman is alive," where Clark Kent (Superman) was to play Nicolas Cage, studio Warner Brothers decided to use a new approach to how long ago it was planned to revive the series of films of Superman. In the film "Batman vs. Superman" script written by Andrew Kevin Walker, who worked on the movie "Seven", dressed in a cloak avenger of Gotham City was to oppose the "man of steel" from the Metropolis.

However, when the pre-production was in full swing (the film was supposed to work, Wolfgang Petersen, the director of "Troy"), the studio again to apply the brakes. She entered a completely new script from the creator of "Lost" John. John. Abrams. As a result, the studio abandon this idea, first director Brett Ratner wanted to do, but in the end it was the Bryan Singer, who directed the unsuccessful "Superman Returns».

3. "Night sky" by Steven Spielberg

Under the contract, Spielberg was obliged to remove the sequel to his hit "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." The director suggested the idea of ​​a movie about how a family living on the farm is attacked by aggressive aliens (a kind of "Straw Dogs" with the aliens). One of the newcomers is decided Spielberg, I was friends with the youngest son of a farmer. But during the filming of the movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark," Spielberg and Mrs. Harrison Ford - Scripting Melissa Mathison - decided to develop this idea apart and put it in the foundation of the famous film director - "Alien." Spielberg, however, did not abandon the idea of ​​a family trapped in danger, he simply replaced the alien ghosts and took another hit - "Poltergeist».

4. "The Martian John Carter»

Tarzan creator Edgar Rice Burroughs came up with another famous character - John Carter. In the story, Carter - a veteran of the Civil War in the United States, which with the help of astral travel is visiting Mars awash with monsters. Twenty years after the 1912 "Martian John Carter" debuted on the pages of tabloid magazines about it almost made the first animated feature.

But despite an impressive first experiments Bob Clampett with animation, which was said to be similar to an oil painting come to life, Disney studio abandoned these plans and took off her "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." It took another 80 years before the project was revived - this time a Pixar with live actors. The picture should come out in 2012 - in the centenary of the first publication of the work.

5. "Star Trek: Planet of the Titans»

The unexpected success of the original series "Star Trek" after the sale of its various television channels a few years after the company made Paramount think: Do not remove the full-length film with the same actors, entrusting it to the director, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" Philip Kaufman? According to the scenario, which had the subtitle of "Planet of the Titans", Kirk and his crew encounter an alien race whose members, according to astronauts, and there is the legendary titans of earthly myths that transported millions of years ago in Earth's past and introduced the ancient people with fire. Although Paramount in 1977 to postpone the project on the shelf, and Kaufman said - without irony - that "science fiction has no future", the success of "Star Wars" has forced the studio to change your mind after a few weeks. It was then that he was born a feature "Star Trek: The Movie" (for its extreme slowness dubbed "slow motion»).

6. "Childhood's End»

A few years after Stanley Kubrick, removing the "Space Odyssey 2001", put on the cinematic map work Arthur C. Clarke, the company Universal Pictures has paid attention to one of the earlier stories writer - "Childhood's End" (1954). In the story, the spacecraft mile-wide appear over major cities around the world - after the image appeared everywhere, from "Independence Day" to "Signs" - proclaiming that the time has come for mankind evolutionary leap. Newcomers like devils from medieval images taken with children to find their destiny in the stars. Despite the lavish spending on design and development of several scenarios, the project got stuck in the preparatory phase. Recently, however, it revived Kimberly Peirce, director of the movie "Boys Do not Cry." She has written a new draft of the script and hopes next year to start shooting.

7. "stars - my goal»

Written in 1956 by Alfred Bester novel "stars - my goal", which is included in almost all lists of the best science fiction books - a kind of "The Count of Monte Cristo" in space & quot ;. Fiction writer William Gibson called this work "the perfect novel in the genre of cyberpunk." Despite numerous attempts to film this story - including Richard Gere, who was to play a vengeful villain tattooed Gulliver Foyle, and to the director of "Event Horizon" Paul Anderson - the project had remained in limbo. In March 2006, Variety magazine reported that Universal Studios has acquired the film rights, which will take Lorenzo di Bonaventura, producer of last year's hit "Transformers».

8. "Dune" Alejandro Jodorowsky

"Many have tried to film" Dune ". Nobody was able to ", - said the author of the works of Frank Herbert in 1984, when the screens out the famous film by David Lynch. More promising formulation proposed in the mid-1970s, when the Chilean director Alejandro Jodorowsky acquainted with the operating time of Hans Giger, British artist Chris Foss and the French comic book author Jean "Moebius" Giraud. One of the most striking ideas Hodorovkogo had the idea to give the role of the Emperor Shaddam IV to Salvador Dali - during which he was to receive unprecedented at the time the fee of 100 thousand. Dollars per hour. Not surprisingly, the funds for the film was not found. Whatever it was, the two existing films - picture of Lynch and the successful mini-series in 2000 - in 2010 to add a third production. Shooting is the director of the film "Kingdom" Peter Berg.

9. "I - The Legend" by Ridley Scott

Despite the fact that last year's film version of the novel about vampires creepy, written by Richard Matheson in 1954, brought together half a billion dollars at the box office, a good half of the film (the first half - until the screen appear unconvincing computer creature). Much more promising was the staging Scott Riddle, 2000, in which Arnold Schwarzenegger was supposed to hunt in an abandoned San Francisco nightmarish creatures which have turned everyone else. Although the projects were scenarios, impressive design developments, planned an ambitious special effects and a date for the start of filming, at the last minute Warner Brothers got cold feet when he saw that the box office Arnie recently began to fall. Star and director fled to his business - Arnie went to Washington and became the Governor of California, and Scott - in Ancient Rome, becoming the director of "Gladiator».

10. "The Outer Limits»

After the success of "special" (three sequels, and this is just yet) and "Stargate" (based on two television series), the MGM planned to revive the big screen, the most famous of his fantastic brands - classic TV anthology "The Outer Limits." Flash terrible "sleeping sickness" plunges 99, 9% of the population into a coma, and the planet is ready to seize the newcomers - they have carefully studied the behavior of people and spread the disease through contaminated money. The film resonates with such films as "epidemic" and "Signs" and removed from the version of John Mills' Kuotermassa, "but because" The Outer Limits "could become a new sci-fi blockbuster. If only Tom Cruise, namely his company is now owned by United Artists film rights, decided to repeat the success of "Minority Report" and "War of the Worlds" and a third time to turn to fiction (except for that of his religious views) .


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