10 Ways to self-development.

1. Create yourself a chance to record all the ideas

2. By the way, you can use the method to be "here and now».
3. The art of small steps - every day to do anything. Plan and do. Take, for example, the physical form - if you write out a complex of 20 exercises, then quickly throw the them. In fact, besides getting used to the new movements of the body, they must get used to and your psyche. But it has to be messing around a little longer and softer. Therefore, the first two weeks every other day do only 2 exercises - push-ups and sit-ups. Hold on for two weeks, and you will be pleased by the first results and wondered what to do next.

4. When you are just mastering a new skill, a new skill, a new exercise - try to behave as if you are a professional in this business. Pretend play, believe in this image. The brighter believe so quickly mastered.

5. Divide your day into blocks - morning, preprandial, afternoon, evening. So it will be easier to plan what kind of training to put in some time.

6. The most important thing that you need to start doing right away - it's about life so as to obtain the maximum benefit from it. Yes, that's so simple and selfish on the one hand and very practical - on the other. One embodiment described herein. Choose a any way to read before facing several books on self-development and hard to change their attitude towards life.

7. Communicate with people who have a lot to learn. Throw out his life whiners and other people pulling you down. If you can not yet find worthy people who are looking for and do not say that these people do not have.

8. In order to feel good and look normal, in any case, you need to confidently swim on three pillars - healthy eating, physical activity and mental self-control. But the parts already may be different, and your task is to pick up for themselves precisely the methods and techniques that will work for you 100%, ranking the least amount of time. Themselves can not, find a specialist who for money to coach you on these topics, and then release to float freely. Possible and by all to learn, but why do you need to lose time and energy to making mistakes that can be avoided.

9. Keep a diary. But do not just commit your life - ate, called, took a nap, and a real diary of self-development. This topic is interesting and in a couple of lines will not keep, but briefly, then ... found on the internet, that is the "wheel of life balance" and, based on break blog on topics according to this "wheel". Find a convenient way to plan for the day and week. At the end of the day make sure you check in your diary 2-3 success. Even better, in the evening you will be doing a short debriefing. For example, in the afternoon there was a situation in which you behaved improperly. "Revision" of her in his diary in the right perspective.

10. Use the most productive 5-10 minutes before going to sleep for the evening of auto-suggestion, "recapitulation" of recovery.


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