Russia won the first medal in Beijing

Olympic Games officially started, and the Russian national team has already won its first medal. Lyubov Galkina has become a pioneer that won the silver medal in air rifle shooting. Four years ago in Athens, she reached the same result.

Russia's Lyubov Galkina became the first Olympic medalist from Russia. Many had hoped for such an outcome, and herself second in a row silver Olympic medal did not upset. Quite the contrary.

"I'm happy with my medal, really! - She said. - Until this is my best result this season in qualifying was 398 points, no longer fell. It turned 399 - and it's at the Olympics, where the voltage is much more than, say, at the World Cup. "

This athlete noted that the competition was difficult. "In general, the shooting was given very hard, - she said. - Especially since I first shot in the "nine" - 9, 9 points. It is not enough. I had to do the remaining 39 shots at very high tension and excitement. But perhaps it's better that it happened. Probably the best I waited for the gold, but I am happy and what happened ».

Games Participant admitted that she should never be in the finals, how high its chances of reward. "After the final shot, I had no idea that I got there - smiled Galkina. - He turned to the coach - and he showed silver. The result was unexpected, but very pleasant ».

The first Olympic champion Katerina Emmons began from the Czech Republic, winning with an Olympic record. She looked up from her rivals from the start and confidently in the lead up to the finals. Its result - 503, 5 points, which repeats the highest world achievement. Russian woman dialed 502, 1 point.

Third place, according to, won the representative of Croatia Snjezana Peychich 500, 9 points. In Athens, in the form of a defeated Chinese Li Du, which, of course, very calculated this time and the fans and coaches. But the Chinese have lost their first triumph: the athlete became only the fifth. Also left frustrated American Jamie Beyrl, which, despite a magnificent finale to compete for prizes and could not.

Interestingly, the leader of the world ranking German Sonja Falshifter also failed to act in accordance with its plans and expectations. She failed the finals and eventually took only 12th place.


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