Witnesses: "The Georgian soldiers were withdrawn from the cellars of children and shot at point-blank"


According to eyewitnesses, the Georgian soldiers who attacked Tskhinvali, do not stop at nothing. They became known cases of inhuman atrocities in the South Ossetian capital. Civilians are transmitted from the ruined city that had seen with their own eyes how Georgian troops withdrawn children hiding in the basement ... and shot them at close range.

Larisa Tibilov and Zalina Bakaeva left Tskhinvali a few days before the war began. They are now with relatives in Rostov. But their families were left in the city, which is almost none. Women are tired of crying, they are constantly trying to contact relatives by mobile phone. Discussions receive short - 10-15 seconds - the main thing to know that their family members are alive. But during this time relatives have time to report what happened and continues to happen in circulation in the ruins of the city.

 - I've got my mother is elderly. She was 80 years old - crying Zalina Bakaev. - Two brothers with daughter. Brother and sister in law are alive, but what about my mother did not know ... How can I connect with them, as they generally find ?! - Zalina voice breaks again to lament.

 - We are in the southern part of Tskhinval live - where are the Georgians. They burned all the houses, the school burned. Who needs it? For what?! All completely destroyed, everything in ruins. Doctors even destroyed ...


Zalina girlfriend during one of the conversations told terrible things.

 - The people hiding in cellars, already ran out of food and water. For a long time talking on the phone, they can not. Georgians intersect mobile signal and throw grenades directly into the cellars. Yesterday a friend told how they hid in the basement of the hotel. Georgian soldiers as they entered - immediately to the burning hotel. Children are taken out and shot in the same place ... to build in a line and opened fire with automatic weapons ... And yesterday another friend phoned from Moscow, she said that her grandfather in Tskhinvali was taken hostage and now his fate is unknown.

But also the Georgian troops acting like Nazis, bear heavy losses. According to his brother Zalina Valery on the streets throughout the bodies of dead mercenaries in American uniforms.


Larissa Ossetia husband Leo and 16-year-old son Sarmat.

 - Loew said that will remain and will defend his hometown, and his son from his father anywhere. They promised to take care of each other - continues to Larissa Tibilov. - The husband called, they are, thank God, are alive!

Women do not know how to help their loved ones get out of Ossetia. One hope - by the Russian peacekeepers.

 - Someone has to protect us! - Through her tears she said. - Ossetians are peaceful people, we are tired of the war! When will it all end ?!

Larissa and Zalina aggression compared Saakashvili with genocide of the Ossetian people, who gave 20 years of the last century, Noe Jordania.

 - Then it was wiped out 80 percent of the Ossetian people - said Larissa. - In Soviet times it was made a national hero. And no one would ask, what street named after him, the name of the hospital ... here this fascist who destroyed the Ossetian people. Then, too, babies were shot in the cradle. History repeats itself ... The international community is silent and we actually istreblinyut ...


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