Movies and games have become indistinguishable

Take a good look at the screenshot. It would seem that unusual here? The usual picture of a woman. At first glance, you're absolutely right, but if we remember that this picture is a three-dimensional image, which also created in real time, it raises a number of questions.

This screen was demonstrated by AMD in New York City at a special event dedicated to the new initiative Cinema 2.0, which we described earlier. Practical demo of the technology did not show, but given clearly to understand that it allows you to do. Main innovation - a truly realistic virtual actors that are virtually indistinguishable from living prototypes. And all of these models are drawn directly in real time.

To create such a detailed model of people, AMD uses new hardware solutions. In particular, the graphics card series ATI Radeon HD 4800, and a special spherical room, which can be carried out simultaneously photographing an object from different angles. They work so fast that a layperson might seem that the room just plastered with hundreds of small lamps. All information obtained by means of these instruments the information can be easily converted to 3D.

After the digital actor was created directors or simple gamers will be able to manipulate them as it pleases. In the field of rendering AMD really has gone on a revolutionary step that can completely change the future of visual entertainment. Of course, before the Cinema 2.0 will be used by developers, will take some time. Example Crysis demonstrated that users do not rush to throw thousands of dollars on a new PC to run a nice shooter.


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