5 trick that the brain keeps you in the power of the hated bad habit (5 photos)

A bad habit can ruin lives. You understand that perfectly, and really want to get rid of it, but ... you do not go out. You want to know why?

And because your brain knows many tricky ways to keep you in the power of your habits.

1. Your brain thinks you are "future" a completely different personality

You know exactly what tomorrow at 8:00 you have to take an important exam. And yet, an hour of the night, and you're still staying in aimless wandering the back streets of the Internet. Mind, you, of course, realize that it's time to go to bed and tomorrow night vigil will your side, but on a subconscious level "version of tomorrow" itself seems to you a completely different person. The one tomorrow, and will deal with the consequences; and today looks even some militant.

In one scientific study found that when we think about ourselves and about other people are activated very different parts of our gray matter. It is quite clear - the brain assigns different share his beloved and all the rest, because, first of all, think about your own needs. The strange thing is that some people, when thinking about his future intensified those areas that have been reserved for the "outsiders".

Well, as you are now to motivate yourself to give up bread rolls and go to the gym? You can as much as necessary to convince yourself that soon you will not zastegnёtsya no pair of pants, but because your brain refuses to associate itself with the fat man of tomorrow, it will be manipulated by your subconscious to once again enjoy the fragrant pastries.

2. To form a stable "good" habit takes about ten weeks

Suppose you have one or two bad habits from which you should definitely get rid of. You decide to start with in order to get a few good, because, as you know, the surest way to overcome addiction - is to displace it with another addiction. You buy a ticket to a local gym and planning to train three times a week, and win, at last, a passion for pastries. Or beer. Or, more to do with anything.

What do you think, how much time you have to force yourself until exercise becomes part of your life? And as soon as the exercise will be fun?

According to one study, the formation of habits takes about 66 days. During this time, a conscious effort and forcing pass in automatism. So if you decide to make friends with a treadmill, keep in mind that only two months later, it has evolved from the usual torture session.

During these two months, all sorts of obstacles and a slingshot will stand in your way constantly. Then you catch a cold, you have to stay at work ... And everything. The end of a good habit and return to the previous "harmful" joy - because the latter has long been established and integrated into your life.

This is not because your brain wants you to evil - he just loves productivity, and bad habits are always effective. And the results he achieves this: turn your life into a set of repetitive tasks that can be done on autopilot, to develop experience-based set of rules that would allow life to live, spending a minimum of energy. All.

So if you want to break the usual course of your life, you have to be very tight. About two months.

3. Willpower - limited resource


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