In the United States died the tallest woman in the world

The highest woman in the world, 53-year-old Sandy Allen (Sandy Allen), whose height was two meters 32 centimeters, died on Wednesday, Reuters reported.
The woman recognized the highest in the world by Guinness, recently seriously ill and lived in a nursing home in Shelbyville (Indiana).
Allen became widely known in 1974 when she wrote a letter to the Guinness Book of Records, expressing the hope that with the help of global promoter of different records it will be able to improve their lives in a society where she felt "black sheep".
After that, a female giant invited to star in a movie famous film director Federico Fellini, in which she played a small role in the film "Casanova."
By chance, Sandy Allen lived in a nursing home with 115-year-old Edna Parker (Edna Parker), recognized by the Guinness Book of the oldest woman in the world.


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