The photo was taken by Yuri Ivanovich Ivanov (St. Petersburg) in the village of Opole Leningrad region.
Shooting Time: September 11, 2004 at 17:28:14

Here is what the author: "While shooting on the church was empty.
Before shooting, I waited a couple of minutes while passing by people all looked so good.
With me was a woman, she also did not see in the Church. A few days later, in the church I came and asked my brother,
Whether or not any work on the dome. They said that the last time the roof repaired two months ago ...
Please note that the feet of "man" in the knees curved in the opposite direction, and it seems to close his ears.
Because of the cross looks still someone or something »

Phantom (ghost, apparition) - the image of a human or other biological object, having the form of a misty glow, vague outlines, haze,
and, in rare cases, completely material form (opaque to light and allowing him to leave the tracks and move objects).


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