The most terrible sights

If you can not bring himself to jump from a bungee Razik or feed the hungry alligators, and some do not. You can tickle their nerves more cultured way. For example, visiting museums and the most terrible sights of the world.

10th place: In a small French town of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse, where Petrarch great dreams of Laura, the museum is a terrible penalty. Its founder, 13 years served as an executioner in Algeria. The museum is open to all, but in vain! The exposition consists of the tools of inquiry and summary executions of all countries and peoples. A place of honor takes a giant guillotine, equipped with all necessary accessories: wicker box, iron basket and blade weighing 40 kg.

9th place: prison, Alcatraz Island, US. Some visitors so impressive atmosphere, they then claim to have heard the groans of prisoners and the dead have seen the ghost of Al Capone.

8 Location: Near Amsterdam has a museum of naive and otherworldly art - art museum insane. Here are pictures of people from different countries, who have gone mad or committed suicide.

7th place: In Prague, right on the Old Town Square is a museum of torture. It collected more than sixty different devices, which were used in the Middle Ages. Rack, wheel Quartering and other instruments laid out neatly on the shelves, and the same painted flat black, refluent varnish.

6th place: The Museum of electric shock in Vienna proofs of the destructive action of electricity on living organisms. The creators of the exhibit picked poluobuglennyh stuffed birds, broken appliances and photographs that document the horrific consequences of their use.

5th place: In the collection of the Museum of Mummies in Guanajuato (Mexico), there are more than one hundred mummified bodies. Unlike the Egyptian, Mexican mummies were the result of severe dehydration bodies, not intentional embalming. This is due to the fact that the soil in Mexico is rich in minerals, and the atmosphere is very dry.

4th place: In the worst room in the museum of horror "Believe it or not Believe" (Thailand), said to be an incredibly scary. So much so that any visitor could not explain what had frightened him so much.

3rd place: The wax museum with a sumptuous called "Danish waxworks" in Copenhagen, you can see about 200 figures of rulers and people in the arts, as well as the fairy-tale characters and movie characters from the room of fear. In the half-dark room of fear, a lot of groaning, wheezing, knocking the coffin and flying ghosts.

2nd place: the museum «Dungeons» in London, you can find all the most terrible of British history: some committed murder in the Victorian era as lived sentenced to death and many more. Rangers museum dressed in hideous form.

1st place: Vienna Pathological Museum located in the former city hospital, in prison for lunatics, nicknamed as the Tower of Fools. Exposure was not for the faint of heart. His most valuable specimen in the collection, preserved in alcohol head killer Empress Sisi, still is in the reserves. To avoid!


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