Business asking Bush not to touch Russia

Western politicians feverishly speculating what would annoy Russia after recognition of the independence of Abkhazia and South Ossetia. Moscow's actions in the West perceived as a personal insult. Especially rage in the United States. Passion and pressure the Bush administration frightened even local businessmen. US exporters are asked their president to leave Russia alone. And his "mouthpiece" Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice - carefully select expression.

Last night Bill Rainha, president of the National Council for International Trade, which brings together representatives of more than 300 US companies, among them such giants as Boeing, Caterpillar, General Electric and Microsoft, asked the current occupant of the White House to think very seriously before taking any action against Russia.

The first American businessmen already felt the effects of US policy have become exporters of poultry and pork. Last year it was Russia was the largest importer of US poultry meat. According to some sources, the supply of US manufacturers account for 75% of total Russian imports of poultry meat. Imports of agricultural products from the United States in Russia developed in recent years has been particularly active. So, for the 10 months of 2008 it has increased by an impressive 78%. From 1 October last year by the end of June this year, has put America in the Russian Federation of agricultural products for $ 1, 32 billion, compared to $ 740 million a year earlier.

And now the Americans began to count, in any financial losses they will result proclaimed by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin reduction in quotas for poultry and pork. Before and Agriculture Minister Alexei Gordeyev told reporters that Russia may reduce the quotas on the import of poultry and pork to the "hundreds of thousands of tons", reminds RIA "Novosti».

US business circles quite reasonably believe that the White House today are only able to "rend the air": any real leverage over Russia does not exist.

"Given the dependence on Russian raw materials Washington needs some time out to cool emotions, weigh their interests and understand that cooperation with Russia outweighs other arguments. For political advantage after Kosovo no one of the parties ", - said the president of IT-companies from California.

"Russia, which owns about half of the world's nuclear weapons, the world's largest gas producer and the second - oil, an influential exporter of modern weapons and the holder of reserves 300 billion dollars, also taking place in the UN Security Council to be able to maintain or prepare the frustration of US foreign policy "- says the president of the Council on Foreign Relations Richard Haass USA.

Professor at Georgetown University, Charles Kupchan with the warning: "Washington is better to think twice before announcing the severance of relations with Russia." In the end, the West "needs to cooperate with Russia in many areas; energy, Iran's nuclear program, the fight against Islamic extremism - a few of them, "- he said.

Following the American colleagues with similar statements were made, and representatives of the German business. They support further development of business relations with important trading partner Russia, despite the situation in the Caucasus. This was stated by Chairman of the Eastern Committee of German Economy (VKNE) Klaus Mangold.

In a statement Mangold emphasizes that the activities of politicians, businesses in Germany and the EU should aim now is to "continue to maintain an intensive dialogue with Russia," ITAR-TASS.

"Convince only through negotiations and not through interruption of negotiations", - said Mangold.

According to him, from the point of view of the German business community still seems important to involve Russia in international organizations - in the interests of all parties.

The statement said that VKNE opposes often upotreblinemogo now the concept of "cold war". "We need to do everything possible to stop the spiral of escalation (events in the Caucasus)," - said Mangold. In addition, he regarded as populist speculated that Russia has to be deprived of a place in the "Big Eight" or she should refuse to accept the WTO. According to Mangold, these issues should remain on the agenda.

"Russia will continue to Germany dynamic and attractive trading partner," - he said.

Thus, the business world against the new Cold War. West's position weakened, so to lose such an economic partner as Russia, it is simply impossible.


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