Places where grants wishes

If you want to make a wish, you can visit very famous places of the world, but practice shows that the greatest force for some reason have the space, which is known only to the locals. Whether the concentration of power, or even, for some reason, desires, make a in these parts of the world, performed much faster than the all too well known. The collection includes only those locations which have only good reviews and no contradictory.

And the first place of power - "Tunnel of LoveĀ»

The train, which runs through the tunnel, constantly clearing their way and breaks new growth, acting as a shearer machine. It is believed that it is necessary to plant flowers in the tunnel to your feelings sprouted. It is located in an abandoned tunnel rail between towns and Klevan Orzhev in Rivne region in the north-west of Ukraine.

Tunnel Klevan

Another common type of tunnel

Second place - menhirs in Khakassia.

In Askiz area in Khakassia are here such boulders. It is well known that in these areas there are places of power and energy of the space has a strong healing effect. All menhirs have their names and properties, each designed to fulfill their desires. It is necessary to bypass the selected menhir three times clockwise, touch and make plans. The most famous menhir - Uluh Khurtuyakh-Tas (large stone monument of an old woman). He even made a UNESCO heritage, the stone is now fenced and guarded. The "old woman" asked to give a baby, being treated for infertility. Local shamans believe that the stones come to life at night.

Uluh-Khurtuyakh Tas

Uluh Khurtuyakh-Tas, building

Third place - the village of Diveevo, south of the Nizhny Novgorod region.

Holy Trinity Seraphim-Diveevo Monastery

It is believed that the village can be cleaned with a powerful patronage of the Virgin of the total poor. In the village to rest by the relics of St. Seraphim of Sarov, and here he spent the last days of the Mother of God, which is granted and then place a special blessing.

They say that all desires come true Diveevo without exception. To receive a blessing, it is necessary to stay in the village of days or longer, because the spirit of the Mother of God visited the village daily.

St. Seraphim of Sarov and the chapel

Fourth - the bridges in Suzhou in Henan (China).

It has a long history of the city bridges. In the 11th century the city had erected a plurality of channels and more than 1,000 bridges. Today there are only 200, and most famous, where all make wishes - Baodaytsyao.

To finish the construction of the bridge to the end, the prefect of Suzhou has invested in it money from the sale of gift of Emperor Yuan Ho - jade belt. The energy of the bridge since the 11th century BC was marked by people. If you throw a coin into the water or any decorations - you will become rich and successful in their careers. The requirement for one thing: you have to be a little sorry to part with a thing or amount of money, it is your "victim" to the gods of luck.

Most Baodaytsyao

Lions guarding the bridge

Lion closeup

Fifth - Koutoubia Mosque (Marrakech, Morocco).

Located on Avenue Mohammed. It is said that in Morocco a dream come true almost everywhere: in the Moroccan city on the street to meet the water-carrier, boldly make a wish. To fulfill the desire necessary to get at the full moon at the minaret of the mosque facing east.

Mosque Koutoubia

Also, legend has it that part of the gold jewelry is one of the wives of the Sultan of sinners remelting and created balloons to decorate the minaret towers. If you are lucky to see on the lunar disk reflection of three golden balls, the wish will come true.

The square in front Minaret

Sixth - the statue of the Madonna in a Spanish monastery.

If a couple wants to conceive a child, and does not work, you can ask the Black Madonna. It is a monument to the Catalan monastery of Montserrat (Spain). Touch the hand of the statue and make a wish.

Facade of the monastery

View from the funicular

You can reach the monastery by cable car, about 10 minutes from the last station of public transport, as the monastery is in a rock.

View monastery

Monastery, close-up

Statue of Black Madonna

Seventh - the Bush village in Ukraine.

It is located in the Vinnytsia region, Yampolsky district. Bush is bordered by three rivers, one of which is rich in iodine, the second silicon.

Bush is very versatile space that provides the knowledge hidden in the ancestral memory. Very mystical place. There are nature reserves and protected, and Haidamak Yar, a museum of Tripoli culture, sculptures, rock temple Cossack cemetery. There are holy places and sources that do not exist anywhere else in the world. The water is miraculous, but just know about some of the individual timers. In general, this place is lurking. It is necessary to go and look.

Haidamak Yar Bush

Bush Village

It is considered a place of magic female power, it rejuvenates the body, treats chronic disease. You can not take the stones out of the Bushes, it is believed that it is possible to suffer. All those who took the stones, then return them back. However, isolated cases have shown that the rocks take even necessary, it all depends on the intention.

Bush - a place of power, there are opportunities to find out its purpose, to understand yourself, to find your way in life. Desire here to think more global, not secular, are not simple. If you're looking for love or want to become richer, you just do not here and the mountain attic.

Sculpture in the reserve Bushes

Structures Bushes

Eighth place of power - a mountain attic.

The popularity of the Samara region and the objects brought Togliatti Samara Bend: White Stone Goblin ravine, Mound, Shamanic clearing and, of course, the mountain attic. Many objects Geopathogenic and dangerous because they generally Luka is located on the fault plates. But little room - a unique place. They say that the desire to, make a on it, always come true.

There is a belief that people who climb the mountain, adjusted personal life, someone lucky in affairs or career, new knowledge, and someone even starts to read minds. According to the local "mountain attic - the energy." It attracts researchers from around the world.

Mountain attic

View from Mount

These places - very strong. May someday be useful to you.


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