11 places in the world where the desire to perform.

Even the harshest skeptics make a wish, blowing out the candles on the cake, and seamlessly throw a coin into the fountain. Purely mechanically. Or maybe, deep down, still hoping for magic.

And it happens sometimes. The main thing to believe it and move confidently toward his dream. And traveling around the world, not to pass by the place which, they say, fulfills the desires or to bring good luck.

For those who believe in miracles and we love to travel vybralm 11 places on the planet where grants wishes.

Trevi Fountain in Rome

If you make a wish and throw a coin in the largest fountain in Rome, it will come true. In this case, it is imperative to stand with his back to the fountain and throw the coin with your right hand over your left shoulder.

If you throw in a fountain of one coin, then you come to Rome again. Two coins - love meeting or familiarity with the Italian guaranteed. Three - a wedding soon. Four coins - wealth. Five coins - separation. Amount of money that each year "catch" from the fountain utilities, reaches 700,000 euros.

Stonehenge in England

Stonehenge - the most mysterious and mystical stone building in the world. It is believed that this place has a strong power, capable to fulfill any desire. We just need to go to the center of the structure of the megaliths and think about the unseen.

Unfortunately, the ancient monument is fenced and access to it is denied - too many people wanted to "otkolupat" his pebble on memory. Now around him can only walk along the track. Hug stones will not work. But their power extends to many meters around.

Delhi pillar

Iron column is part of the architectural ensemble of Qutub Minar in Delhi. Surprisingly, over 1600 years of its existence, it is almost avoid corrosion.

If you become a pillar back, grabbed her from behind with his hands and stand for several minutes, then be sure to make a wish come true. Locals say that in addition to the fulfillment of dreams post cure any disease and just brings happiness.

Golden Gate in Crimea

Golden Gate Kara-Dag - the most famous rock of an ancient volcano on the shores of the Black Sea. The height of the stone arch of about 15 meters. And if you sail on a boat or a boat under the Golden Gate, the dearest wish fulfilled.

Earlier this rock Crimea was called Devil's Gate, and according to legend, here was located the entrance to the underworld. But today it is no bother. The seabed in this place is covered with a thick layer of coins that are willing to throw to luck sailing tourists.

Tunnel of love in Klevan

"Tunnel of Love" in Ukraine called a natural fence of trees and shrubs, which grew over the railroad tracks near the station "Klevan" quite unusual way. The tunnel of love train runs regularly, which oblamyaet growing branches of the trees, and retains the shape of the arch.

If you are in love, then go to the "Tunnel of Love" together. Kiss, plant flowers as a symbol of your feelings, and feel free to make a wish.

Charles Bridge in Prague

According to research by the Czech historian Zdenek Gorsky, the first stone of the bridge was founded by Charles IV July 9, 1357 at 5:31 am in the morning. The date and time have been chosen on the advice of astrologers. They felt that if you do so in 1357 the 9th of July in 5.31, the moment of the base of the bridge will create a palindrome 1-3-5-7-9-7-5-3-1. Founded in such a magical moment the bridge had to endure centuries.

To desire, make a bridge to come true, you need to find a sculpture of John of Nepomuk, with one hand to touch him, and the other pet dog in bas-relief. Or put your left hand on the cross on the marble slab so that the fingers touched the five star image next, and look at the water. And it is better to do something, and more. To be sure.

Money oak in Scotland

At the heart of the Scottish island of Marie, located on the lake Loch Maree, Cash oak grows. If you insert a coin into the folds of the bark of a tree, it will beggar wish fulfillment. Queen Victoria herself in 1877 made this ritual.

Nowadays, the old oak bark is almost completely covered with coins, the oldest of which dates to 1828. You can get to the island only by boat to swim.

Khakass menhirs

Along the highway "Yenisei" in the Republic of Khakassia Askizskom area are huge and mysterious stone statues - menhirs. The oldest boards have magical properties to meet the desires and treat disease. Scientists believe that this is due to the fact that menhirs are near the fractures in the Earth's crust and have a special energy radiation.

You must select one of the stones (almost everyone has a name and special properties), three times around it clockwise, touch and make a wish.

"Revolution Square" in Moscow

Moscow student is familiar with the sculpture of a border guard dog at the metro station "Plaza of the Revolution." Rubbed bronze dog's nose - a sure sign to pass the exam. Checked more than once, since 1938 - the dog's nose is polished to a shine.

And if unrequited love does not let go and study does not need to touch the feet of a student with a book. Also, they say, helps.

Elisha cat in St. Petersburg

In St. Petersburg, the students, who have a lot of "tails", helps the cat Elisha - sculpture on the ledge of the house on the street Small Garden.

"Puss Elisha" and "cat Vasilisa" - the monuments Yaroslavl cats were brought to Leningrad during the siege, in order to save the city from the flooded his rats. They will perform your desire, if you can throw a coin on their pedestal.

As well as the finch-Pyzhik on Fontanka. It involves another fun tradition that the groom should be omitted from a rope tied to the monument-filled glass and "crazy" with beak Siskin without breaking it. Happiness is the key to a young family.

Eggs Turin bull in Milan

Strolling through Milan's, certainly look for the gallery in the center of the mosaic depicting leaping bull symbolizes Turin, stand on his heel and eggs three times scroll to the left around. And then your every wish will be granted.

The thing is that Milan to Turin for centuries compete as Moscow and St. Petersburg. Here Milanese and come up with a custom to annoy the neighbors.


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