PRACTICE: INSTANT fulfillment of dreams

"Day of wish fulfillment»
You woke up in the morning, thank the universe for its generous gift of life, talked favorite affirmations if you have them. Then you get up and say aloud, "I want to make a charge." And do exercises really are. After that, be sure to speak out loud and loudly: "All my wishes come true!».
Go to the bathroom and say, "I wish to wash your hands and dry them with a towel." Be sure to wash your hands and wipe them. Then declares: "All my wishes come true!". Go to the kitchen and say, "I wish to drink coffee with cream." And actually drink coffee with cream. Loud agree then: "All my wishes come true!" And so on. A few more times.

Do you understand what's going on? You train your subconscious mind for permanent and spontaneous fulfillment of your desires. This is a very, very strong. It is believed that people have not yet mastered the art of instant fulfillment of dreams just because of the subconscious, which prevents this.
Do not believe it. During the exercise, the above, you are his "educate." There is an important "coupling" of desire and its implementation. You show your subconscious mind that all your wishes come true. The fact that they have such small, it does not matter. The main thing - is to begin the process. And wonders worth only the beginning ...


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