The present king!

The king of one of the poorest African countries, Swaziland Mcvati III speaks at the 62nd UN General Assembly in New York. This year the wife of the king chosen.

His Majesty took part in the Reed Dance Festival - the annual ceremony of choosing a new wife, who is held in the city Lomamba, the residence of the king and parliament.

Each year, thousands and thousands of Swazi beauties get together, that would sing and dance to their monarch. Each of the girls hoped that it will become the new chosen one friend Saahova King Mswati, so the girls try to swing. This year's contenders was terrible to say, as much as 60 000.

Here they are - the girls in Swaziland. Athletes, Komsomol and simple beauty. They write that the main condition for the contest: a new wife that Mswati would invite the company to the existing thirteen he must be innocent.

As a reference, in Swaziland, the lowest life expectancy in the world - an average of 34 the year and has one of the highest levels in the world of AIDS - 34% of the adult population.


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