Photocopying. 10 years prior to the recognition of

The first photocopy was received October 22, 1938. Inventor named Chester Carlson. The text of the first copy was not very congested. On a sheet was that same date, written by himself. By the invention, the apparatus has pushed his idea, which arose when he worked as a clerk in a law office, engaged patents.
With patents often made copies. At that time they were photocopies. And expect the return of the document can be long enough. Half a day. Day.
Chester took to make a machine that would allow to make copies, without the help of the camera. And eight years later did it.
He offered his invention to IBM, Kodak, Ford, General Electric. Even tried to attach it to the War Department. Zero reaction. All used to photocopies and believed his invention is absolutely hopeless. Here we go. And you say - brilliant marketers, surprisingly insightful leaders ... Yeah. Retroactively.
In the end, Carlson still managed to sell his patent modest at the time of Rochester, which was called Haloid company. Slightly modified the invention, a method called xerographically. Heros in Greek - dry, graphos - writing. Report this public October 22, 1948 - exactly 10 years after the first shot. The company was renamed (guess the title with three times). The first unit was sold in 1950. Net sales for 2011 amounted to 1, $ 3 billion (ay, IBM, Kodak, Ford, General Electric!)
Yes, its patent inventor received $ 150 million. And two-thirds of them spent on charity


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