If parents trolls

Flying times, are changing rapidly. Some time ago existent penalty for a teenager (and quite humiliating) was home arest.Seychas - pfe nonsense. And many have scattered to stretch a limb. Sit - chatyatsya, feysbuchatsya, VKontakte. If that is kneaded, it's fingers and the fifth point. No, I'm not in any way whine - just a statement of fact. Voluntary this conclusion is at home. Children of the Underground.
But if the cut is the creation of web - wow. This is the true punishment for inhumanity pulling a new Nuremberg trial. For it is true traged.
But! It is possible, is even exacerbate such nakazanitse at a certain detachment in the characters and their knowledge of psychology chadushka.
So good American dad and mom confiscated audacious little daughter mobile communication tool, seated under the said house arrest and cut off from the internet. For a week. And during that time considerably nafludit on Dochkin page in Facebook and merged back a certain number of their wacky gallery.
That is to say, the punishment in view of modern realities. Daughter, rewind time and again went out into the world, just shot shlopotal. Impressionable girl was. But oklemalas and now chuckling along with all.
And parents respect. For creativity and sophistication. I wonder what my daughter grow up in this family of trolls. Well it is an apple from the apple trees ...


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