Translators and dictionaries at your fingertip: Touch-Hear concept

Design Incubation Centre has offered a concept device called Touch-Hear. Now to explore the foreign word will be enough to hold your finger at the point of the book, magazine or newspaper, where it is printed.

Translation of words you'll hear here, thanks to the dynamics of miniature fixed to the ear lobe. Operation is based on the latest scanning technology, the horizons of which use could be endless.

At the tip of a finger there are three tiny, protruding above the skin sensor is read from the information sheet. After the software processing / transfer printed word turns into a clear sound. I think this technology is unlikely in the near future to press is already familiar to us the dictionaries prevalent in electronic or paper form, but for members of certain professions related to linguistics, this device is already in its present form can be an invaluable discovery.


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