The most unusual in the history of football ...

The most ridiculous goal, the

So called goal scored by defender Sparta (Rotterdam) in the match against Barcelona in 1973. Beating the ball from his goal, football sent him high into the air. The ball was picked up by the wind burst in the air and fell shapeless wad of rags: the gates of Barcelona. The judge ordered replaced the ball and, despite protests from players: included a goal.

Hunter balls

In Bolivia, the eagles over the stadium - not a rarity. Once, during a match, "bird" suddenly went into a dive and a second soared into the clouds ... with a ball in his claws. Leather shell replaced, but the eagle circled the sky again, apparently preparing for another attack. The game had to be postponed.

55 goals!

In February 1986, it was established a unique record 11 kicks during a football match for the Cup of Argentina between "Adelant Ribenk" and "Kalves." Main the game ended with the score 1-1, both goals were scored from the penalty spot. Penalty shootout brought victory "Adelant Ribenk» 28-27!

Rod suffered

This happened in 1980 in the Romanian city of Timoshoare POLYTECHNIC between the local and the Brazilian Athletics. One of the Brazilians at high speed burst into the penalty area and went one on one with the goalkeeper. That, in a desperate leap tried to block his way, and the Brazilian, tripping over it fell, crashing headlong into the post. The blow bar broken in half. The judge had to stop the match for 20 minutes to the stadium workers replaced the "victim." The Brazilian striker, as if nothing had happened, continued the match.

The answer never came

During the match, the teams of the second division in Odense (Denmark), the away team striker shot from a few meters on goal so badly that the ball broke the post. The judge did not find the item in the rules interpreting the this situation, the match was interrupted and sent a telegraph a request to the national federation. The result was unexpected: in Odense come coaches from the five teams in the top division marvel at the miracle scorer. A response from the federation and have not waited.

Compass player

Brazilian football defender Pinheiro called the record for goals: an own goal. In only one season he scored against his team's 10 goals. Pineiro moved to the attack. In the first match of the "record holder" again managed to amaze his own goal. When the football player was 25 years old, teammates gave him a compass. On which was engraved: "Remember, the enemy on the other side».

Wind and boots

Here's a case occurred in a match of the Brazilian team, "Flamengo" and "Madureira." 10 minutes before the end of the game the team vrytar "Flamengo»
Ubirazhar knocked the ball into the box. Caught by the wind, the ball dropped right: in the net the goal. Goalkeeper "Madureira" Roberto did not see it - at this point he corrected lacing boots. As a result, "Flamengo" won 1-0.

All in fog

English football in the winter - a torment for the players and referees. As a rule, the field and the stands shrouded in a thick veil of fog. After one of these games ended with a score 3-3, striker George UDC said: "I do remember that scored five goals, but do not know what the gate." At the end of the game the referee found that each team plays 18 people.

Elephant instead of police

But as the care of the security of judges of football matches in the state of Madras (India): there on the field instead of specially trained police released the elephant. At the critical moment, he grabs the referee trunk, and make a safe place.


The stadium near the Swedish city of Malmo, during one of football matches appeared hare. To everyone's surprise, he was not afraid of people sat near the gate and began to watch the game. After a while he came back like a soccer hare heart conquered. Slant turned into an avid fan. And he became a frequent visitor to the stadium.
Season he completed a visit to a match between Denmark and Sweden. But in the first game of the next season was not a hare. We waited in vain for his regulars stadium. But during an international match between club teams Malmö and Leipzig hare again rode on the field. We see long-eared legible became a fan of football.

For the left leg

The coach of the English team, "Bradshaw Hiting" Eric Lowell made a kind of innovation. In order to accustom the players to beat the left foot, he gave them in training only one Boot - left. The second suit was allowed after the players work out pretty weak leg. As a result of the experiment the players equally successful shot with both feet.


Once in England excessively temperamental cheerleader raised such a scandal at a football match, a hundred representatives of the authorities had the power to take him away from the stadium. Appeared before a judge, vociferous supporter explained his decision the arbitrator bias. Thinking judge issued a truly Solomonic solution: he ordered the fan during the year to the police and to sit out for 2 hours in those days, when the game is his favorite team.

Football Spanish

Love Spanish bullfighting and football is well known. But the spectacle that the two were at one time in one place ... In the town of Fuente in the first minutes of the meeting the local team lost by two goals. And suddenly on the bulls began to run out, one, two, three ... The players and referees rushed helter-skelter. Animals were more than aggressive: threateningly roared, digging turf horns ... The audience, too, did not tempt fate and rushed to the exit. On the continuation of the game, and the speech could not be. It later emerged that one of the bulls has produced fans that well, could not prevent the defeat of their favorite team.

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