Assault on the shrine

We have slowly taken everything they used to since childhood. Selected pride for the country in which you live. Selected, in general, and the country itself. Selected characters that need to be (and in this case did indeed can) be proud of. More precisely, they are no longer heroes, and the most that neither is a foe. And vice versa. Who was considered a traitor - the very white and fluffy. You know, even in this particular do not want to dig. History - such a cool science (if any science). Wanted - rewrote. This is not chemistry, where hydrogen + oxygen = water. By anyone. And here - came a new team (the king, the king of the party). Looks - and somehow ugly story looks. The ancestors of some flimsy. The country itself is somehow not really fit into a wonderful system of white and fluffy. And let's us rewrite it! Orwell in "1984" this technology podrobnenko described.
But this! Tell me, what is missing Italians with their pasta, football, and La Scala, and why the hell they have coveted our fat? In the sense that fat historically - it is not native Ukrainian, and their own product. And when ancient Rome, they say, they came to a simple decision as cheap and high-calorie feed the slaves with the help of fat. Citizens! Do not confuse charisma with Autumn most. Lard has not fat. Believe me! This is a profound mistake. I was convinced at the time for a long time already visit to the Russian hinterland. When I was in the guise of the sacred for every Ukrainian product tried to feed a banal lard. That is, to a first approximation it remotely resembled our bacon. But on closer inspection turned out to be a complete sell. Even superficially. And the taste! Such abuse, I could not imagine even in nightmares with gothic elements.
So do not meddle in our Fig swine number with your bacon, bacon and other heresy. Salo - is everything and touch it with their dirty hands. Leave at least this.


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