Virtual reality StarCAVE: everything in life

If you're a fan of the saga "X-Men» (X-Men), it is most likely know what a Danger Room (Danger Room) and that experienced kinogeroi when get there. The story goes on like object that already exists in our world and with which you can not only learn, but also to relax, travel.

More recently, scientists at the University of California (San Diego, USA) released information about the completion of the project StarCAVE - small room with great potential, capable of using digital technology to allow anyone who wants to plunge into the virtual world.

Note that this room - the third one and the most perfect of all ever created. New StarCAVE has the shape of a pentagon. On each of the walls of the three taken. The top and bottom panels are angled 15 degrees "inside" room. Technical characteristics of the object hit - 68 million pixels around each panel is provided by 2 projectors, creating a picture with a resolution of 2048x1536 pixels. As for the sound StarCAVE, here too, the developers have something to boast: 3 to 5 acoustic array elements in each, plus two subwoofers mounted in the floor of the room.

To make it all work, scientists at the University had to use quite a powerful "iron": each panel is running PC-based quad-core processor, a channel width of 10 Gbit / c, twin and NVIDIA graphics on Linux. Like it or not, but all of these indicators allow us to call StarCAVE most advanced ever created virtual reality rooms.

According to the developers, the room can be used not only for educational purposes, but also for entertainment - to travel into space, take a walk to the virtual art gallery, "visit" the city of the country.


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