New patrol cars Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs

In the near future at the service of the internal affairs authorities received new cars produced domestically. Russian Interior Ministry has proposed ten enterprises of the Russian car industry to participate in the creation of special patrol cars to clothes DPS, academics and private security.
Cool, yeah?

Four samples of new machines have already been submitted to the ministry, said the first deputy head of the Interior Ministry Lieutenant-General Mikhail Sukhodolsky.

"For the first time in domestic practice, the question was raised about the purchase for the needs of the internal affairs bodies already finished vehicle, fully equipped with all necessary facilities and equipment specific to each service," - said Sukhodolskiy.

These patrol cars will be sent to the department of internal affairs bodies for performance tests for a period of four to six months, said the first deputy head of the Interior Ministry. After that, they plan to put on the supply of the internal affairs bodies.


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