Laptop Samsung X460: lighter than air!

For those active users who need high-performance, compact, ultra-light and looks very attractive laptop, Samsung Electronics has released a new elegant laptop Samsung X460, which has been further developed a proprietary concept «Lighter than Air», successfully implemented in the model Samsung X360. < br />
Machine, available in several color options hull Protect-o-Edge magnesium alloy based on advanced mobile platform Intel Centrino 2, is equipped with 14, 1-inch display SuperBright Flat-LED WXGA-resolution with 1280 x 800 pixels and, the developers, is the lightest solution in its class, because only weighs 1, 9 kg. In addition, the product incorporates proprietary technology Samsung Silver Nano Technology, involves applying a special keyboard on ionized silver powder to create an environment in which bacteria can not live and reproduce. Thus provides better hygienic conditions at work on a laptop.


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