List of cartoons that should be banned

Recently I viewed at leisure popular Russian cartoons and horrified their ideological content. Somewhere viewed me of fifty works chosen to ugad only five. Here's an example ...

"Well, wait!»
The plot is very simple. Muzhikovaty Gopnik Wolf family in shorts and vest apparently represents the simple Russian man. This guy over twenty series of attempts to catch his lustful purposes girl nymphet from intellectual families, image creator of the animated series as "cute bunny" (popular in the West, "Playboy," the symbol of seduction). A man in the cartoon depicted as degenerate and each time it turns out in the cold by frills vzbalomoshennoy person. Each series otyagaschaet his body a mandatory physical trauma or injury which he does himself alone, as a result of the long-eared hunting nymphet. After this "playful", it is not the children's story, the entire cartoon is a slander Soviet reality 70-80. - Broken-down roads where the wolf makes his unsuccessful pursuit of a dream; looted building, where a simple Russian volchara sticks to it until the object is not wanders the bunny-poprygaychik; fools policemen depicted as stupid toothy beaver, etc.
In my opinion this is sabotage.

"The Bremen Town Musicians».
Praise the destructive activities of informal youth groups. As a role model taken Ensemble stray hippies. Over the two series of informal group singing songs about the joys of wandering life of so-called "Hitchhikers." In the story - check these "hitchhikers" in the capital, where the plan they kidnap gang leader little daughter head of state, posing as liberators his Throne person. The main characters of the cartoon - crooks, hiding under the guise of gay animals are presented to viewers as good friends of underage girls and implacable revolutionaries - opponents of the monarchy. The rest of the characters are endowed with negative characteristics. The king - God's chosen ruler of the state shows the weak-willed lazy, whose main concern is not to care about their country, and continuous eating dietary eggs. Senior army officers are portrayed cowards fleeing from a gang of hapless robbers. Sovereign detective-investigator submitted an idiot with an artificial eye and a habit to leave the bomb anywhere. What promotes this cartoon?

"Hedgehog in the Fog».
My favorite cartoon of our liberal intelligentsia. Plot: The Hedgehog (character of Russian liberalism) in alcohol-drug trip, apparently suffering "Korsakoff Syndrome", wanders through the woods to the cottage to his friend the bear. Although the bear is shown with the right good-natured features of the ordinary Russian people, myself walk carrying a hedgehog in a gift Russian citizen some "juniper twigs," raises many questions. Doctors treating chronic alcoholics well known for one of the central images of hallucinogenic "delirium tremens" - the image of a white horse appearing in the twilight state of the patient at the peak of alcohol intoxication. It is not strange, that this image is central in the cartoon, as well as the image of a mysterious "someone" who helps the hero drowning in the dark water of the night forest. The very behavior of hedgehog with fright shy away from every tree and leaf painfully reminiscent of post-alcoholic fears of chronic alcoholics. I would like to ask the founders, and what the actual history of the "fairy tale" and what kind of lifestyle they promote drugs other than alcohol-mist bristling spines of our intelligentsia?
We will not ask.

"Three of the Buttermilk».
At first glance it is clear that this is a cartoon about the loss of family values. Unfortunately, he and another about something. More terrible.
Here's the story. A boy from Moscow happy family runs away from home and settled in a remote village with a cat and a dog. He leads them joint subsistence economy, unexpectedly rich toward finding the treasure chest (!), Deceiving the local authorities in the person of Russian Post. That is essentially a cartoon about how a minor young man finds happiness by throwing his father and mother, she dropped out of school, settled with like-minded people in a secluded area, dropping out of social and public life and finding his new name. More More young boy his devoted followers was referred to as "Uncle Theodore!" You do not like it?
A typical description of a totalitarian sect. Is there all the trappings of sectarian behavior, except the main - religious doctrine. Its authors cartoon created in the atheistic Soviet times, tried to disguise as much as possible. But, in fact, it remained on the surface. Sect "Uncle Theodore" worships talking bird!
Little galchonku - truly a miracle, is astounding everyone who is faced with this quackery. In the end sectarian friends, tortured by starvation and harsh rural life, decided on a desperate step and send his religious fetish of the boy's parents, and that lure them into the sect. Remember the last words of his mother, "Uncle Fyodor," the plot of the cartoon pop singer? "If I had a second life, I would have spent it here at Buttermilk." One of the Russian pop stars actually repeated her fate a little later associating themselves with Vissarion sect.

"Winnie the Pooh»
The image of the bear - the actual character of the present Russian state served as a ridiculous liar continuously zhruschey sweets and Steering malogaboritnoy friendship with a pig. Fu!

As a brief conclusion I will say I am far from being able to blame the creators and distributors of these cartoons inciting hatred and extremism, but rather a time to see these pictures to understand on which thin filaments twitch all these puppets to our children



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