10 words that are not really a household

10th place:
Idiot. The origin of the word supremely noble. The Greek "Idiotes" meant not a fool, and the "private person." In the language of the Byzantine Christian clergy that word designated layman netserkovnika, as well as the laity are not respected, the word acquired a negative connotation.

9th place:
Boobies comes from "Volokha" (Shepherd). So if you called the "shepherd king of heaven", it is even a compliment.

8th place:
Blockhead - in old "massive boulder", "cliff».

7th place:
"Brock" in Polish means "simple neznatny people».

6th place:
Bastard (comes from Latin) - the peasants. Village resident.

5th place:
Nerd (from Latin) - a Christian.

4th place:
The word "animal" comes from the German "Scat". It originally meant "money", "wealth", "treasure».

3rd place:
Does not apply to a dirty word, and the word "scoundrel." It meant "a recruit unfit for military service».

2nd place:
Another point was the word "infection". If so 250 years ago, called the girl, she would not be offended, and to thank you for the compliment. In those days, the phrase 'What you are infected! "Meant" What you are lovely, very charm! »

1st place:
The word "ryaha" had nothing to do with the person. It was definitely a neat, tidy person. Now, there is one "slut", and Antonio somehow acquired an unexpected significance.


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