Reservation as bait for tourists

Long-necked Karen tribe is one of the unique attractions of Thailand. Using special neck rings women of the tribe significantly increasing the length of her neck. But how these people live, have become a rarity for thousands of tourists?

He lives in the mountains of northern Thailand's long-necked Karen tribe. It is known that the women of the tribe to the age of five are starting to wear around his neck a special ring in the future for almost all life on a regular basis to increase the height of this unusual "neck band". By adulthood their necks are the longest in the world (over 20 cm) and are considered by local standard of beauty.

Karen - a group of peoples who lived for centuries in the south and southeast of Burma (aka Myanmar). Karen from Burma and penetrated into Thailand, fleeing the military junta and disorderly poverty. Thai authorities have allocated a place in the north of the country, where thousands of members of settled ethnic Karen and its many offshoots. Women are one of these branches, peoples' padung "(do they call themselves" Kayan "), due to their long necks quickly became a huge hit northern Thailand tourism.

Effect incredible neck does not occur, and not only as the increase of the length of the neck. Under considerable weight "collar", which is made from copper or brass wire that women wear all my life, significantly lowered the bones of the shoulder girdle. What further enhances the image, especially in adult women already.

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