The airline has spared neither children nor old people (10 photos)

More than 500 passengers of the bankrupt airline INTERAVIA who were supposed to fly October 9-15, are still at the Domodedovo airport. Most of them were going to fly to Magadan, but there are other directions. Some live there for a week. Children, women and old people. They do not feed, do not give even water. Parents have to feed the baby cold baby food, because it nowhere to warm up. Are women with children in their arms, and tears running down his cheeks ...

The money for the tickets, worth about 40,000 rubles, do not return. Nearest Aeroflot flight to Magadan, which you can buy tickets for October 17. The price of one ticket 60.000 rubles.

After the day before the desperate passengers blocked the entry of transport in the airport, they were taken to a hotel to spend the night. Without. In "RusHotel" where tea costs 200 rubles. Today brought back to the airport. Why - it is not known because there were no departures. In fact, it would have been about 1,000 people, but yesterday, the new passengers are not registered. However, flights INTERAVIA continue to be sold.


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