Motorcycles as Art and the Meaning of Life

At age 16, the Japanese Chikara Nagata (Chicara Nagata) was a motorcycle accident that nearly cost him his life. After a long rehabilitation course it is not simply separated from his love of motorcycles, but decided to devote her life. For a long time he studied graphic design and then opened his own design studio, and then custom-shop Chicara Motorcycles.
Now Chikara Nagata (Chicara Nagata) 46 years old and he is considered one of the best in customizing. The winner of the global competition for customizing and star MOTOBIKE SALON spends thousands of hours over the creation of another motorcycle. His work - completely hand made (with the exception of the chassis). Master from Japan is so meticulous in his work, that for all the time he collected a total of 13 motorcycles, which are a work of art rather than transport.

As proof of such lofty words, we note that in the beginning of November in the gallery Ippodo Gallery in New York opened Asian Contemporary Art Fair (Contemporary Asian Art Fair), which presents 3 of his work. The organizers of the fair reported that each of the motorcycles will be sold for at least $ 1.000.000.


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