To save the family fortune.

1. Do not fight for power in the family, a man needs to know that he is stronger.

2. Notice the only positive quality, ignoring the negative.
3. Do not ask for expensive gifts, especially if he can not afford
buy them.

4. Give thanks for all that he does. It is not difficult and pleasant.

5. Be agreeable, find common topics of conversation.

6. Smile, smile makes the man.

7. Do not find out the relationship with shouts and accusations. Allow to cool to each other and sit down at the negotiating table.

8. Do not be jealous on every little thing. Let's understand that you do not care with whom he communicates, but the line does not move, and even more so do not make this about scandals.

9. Watch out for their appearance: the figure, makeup, blagouhanie- Summit.

10. Love does not go over the years, and multiplied, you have to maintain it with care and affection.


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