Shopping with children - helpful tips.

Shopping with small, but not babies - not an easy task.
Sometimes an ordinary trip to the supremarket in the company of the child turns into a real test for your nerves, and sometimes - and purse.
What experts advise on the proper organization of this "family shopping"?
Ironically, the older your baby - the harder it is to him to go shopping. Very tiny, he is in a wheelchair and the only rule - do not be left unattended for a second.
And when the baby started to stomp their feet, and then begins a nightmare. He decided to play hide and seek and hiding under the counter, and you terrified of the mosque on a trading hall, trying to find the missing child suddenly, he touched the intricate pile of cans, then went into hysterics, begging your favorite thing that you just can not afford or at the wrong time (for example, when you pay) To request urgently and immediately to the toilet, and it will be too late.
Of course, in our time make purchases with your child is much easier than in the Soviet era permanent deficits and long queues, but far from us, and to the western countries, with their carts supermarketnymi with a seat for a child to look after children employees 'children' cash registers without trays with "tasty temptations" shopping by phone or via the internet.
What we should yet come to terms with the lack of additional facilities and to think about how to minimize the stress of shopping with children.
First of all, you need to treat with understanding to the dislike of the child to the shops. His torn from enjoyable activities to lead a boring place where a lot of people and objects from which dazzled the eyes, pulled by a along the shelves, to which he lacks. And in the end, even if you are tired of the shop, what to talk about a small child!
Ideally, the baby is better to leave the house, unless, of course, such a possibility. Talk to the neighbors and my friends who have children the same age, maybe you will be able to organize a kind of "cooperative" minding the kids? Each will take turns to sit at home, playing the role of the nurse, and the other at the time of purchase will do.
There is another way out. You can roughly estimate and make a shopping list with the calculation of the week. Then you will not have to run around for food every day, and only once a week it is possible to negotiate with someone from the family and keep the baby.
There is only one "but" for large purchases: the machine requires JavaScript. The car, by the way, help and if the baby is still no one to leave: in the cabin can wait a tantrum, feed the baby, change wet panties.
However, if the child is not one to leave, no car, and go to the store it is necessary, in this case, you can give some useful tips on how to still avoid spoiled the mood and mutual grievances:
1. Before you leave home, make a detailed list of prospective purchases. This will reduce the time spent in the store, and you do not have to drag the child back and forth, if you suddenly remember already out into the streets, that they forgot to buy sour cream.
2. Prepare the child psychologically to shopping. Tell us what exactly you are going to buy - bread, milk, medicines, without pre-emptive whims phrases such as: "We are not going to buy candy (holiday dress, toys)."
Before the door to the supermarket say: "Now we go, I ask you to immediately take the trolley for products, and help you select everything on the list, which we have made with you at home." This is - instead of ordering: "There will not run and do not touch anything with your hands."
Before visiting the store baby should be in a good mood - poevshim, rested and not overexcited. If he is hungry, thirsty, not enough sleep, rest assured - you are guaranteed hysterics.


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