Most failing phrases when meeting

The main thing for men in getting acquainted with a girl - do not give it time to recover and escape. It is necessary to stun some original, hitting right on target statement, and then immediately to introduce themselves and strike up a conversation. The problem is that it does not hit in the trivial and not accidentally say something frankly vulgar or hackneyed.

Most girls just know that there are schools pick up artist, and are already equipped with manuals about how to avoid running such here. Well, that's equally five best and five awful ways to attract attention. They work even on the move, stop is not required ...

Thus, five of the phrase "the apple»:

 - Here is my cell phone. I'll call you later!

The absolute hit! Unobtrusively and disarmingly - instead of tedious vyklyanchivaniya contact details - just reach your thing! Just do not forget to remove the gadget from the memory of the fateful SMS from other passions!

 - Can I have you laughing?

Humour is always appreciated! You've got to remember that more should follow as a continuation of really funny jokes, anyway - full out.

 - Are you acquainted today?

Sounds, however, quite confidently. If you are talking about, then consider yourself entitled to intervene in some way in the privacy of a stranger. But soon you'll be taken to the "you". In general, such a head by the way, only if it is told not arrogant "macho" -Tons and friendly.

 - Can I'll take you home?

Again, despite what tone said. If the correct sounds intriguing and fun, will not remain unanswered! Then it all depends on you.

 - I lost my phone number? Can I borrow yours?

Old as the hills, but shocking and can bring success.

And after that your chances pomnozhatsya exactly zero:

 - How much are waiting for you back home to heaven?

The same the trivial. The impression that you consult with your great-grandfather about the "how to meet».

 - You do not want to sleep with me?

No comments.

 - I guess your dad thief, because all the stars from the sky he stole and gave them in your eyes!

Sugary bad taste.

 - If I go behind you, you invite me?

So far in the first meeting can not go - both literally and figuratively, the more that it can not take place at all.

 - In my opinion, I'll meet somewhere ... I remember, I saw you in my dreams!

Please refer to the first "bad" phrases.

Alexander Khusnutdinova


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