Ten strange religious movements and sects

People by nature are inclined to believe, no matter what, the brighter and perverted idea, the easier person to give up freedom to be yourself.

10th place: In 1774, the US has created a kind of Ann Lee Shaker community (Tryasunov). "Mother Does" argued that the love of God to be expressed in dances to exhaustion. The rumor claimed that naplyasavshis, shakers dark indulge everyone's sin and born after that children are raised together. Of course, such an extravagance like it is not everything, so that today the community shakers includes all seven people in Maine.

9th place: For almost 80 years in New Guinea there is a cult of Jesus Christ - Papuan. Followers of the cult claimed that White pulled out of the first page of the Gospel, which says that Christ was a Papuan. One day he will come back and make the Papuans Lord and white - their slaves.

8th place: Even more exotic faith professes African Dogon tribe. They pray to the star Sirius. According to their beliefs, with one of the planets that revolve around Sirius, on the "flying boat" came the progenitor of the tribe Nom-mo - poluchelovek-poluzmeya. By the way, the Dogon know that Sirius is a double star, long before this fact opened a European astronomers.

7th place: In the US in the 70s was based community "Heaven's Gate." Her pastors have been taught that God and Lucifer - the commanders of the two crews of "flying saucers", who are fighting for the land. To survive in this struggle, humans must move into "another dimension" through suicide. Most fans of this idea were computer programmers.

6th place: Some Canadian Indians worship the god-eater Baksbakualanksve. Bloodthirsty rites are, thank God, in recent years did not commit, but during worship in ecstasy may bite your neighbor fairly.

5th place: Tapirapé Language Indians in Brazil who deify parasites. According to their beliefs, the spirits created the world took refuge in human bodies, and from there the "inner voice" giving people advice. If, God forbid, you, I'm sorry too, was cured of worms, you declare "abandoned the spirit" and expelled from the village.

4th place: In Canada, for 10 years there is a religion "raelian-s." Its founder, a former journalist Claude Rael said his father was an alien, and said that "flying saucers" to save the Earth from destruction. Today, "Rael Church" 50 thousand supporters.

3rd place: During the Second World War, American soldiers landed on the islands of Oceania with loads of products and equipment that are shared with the locals. "Cargo", that is, the load became sacred: the natives swear by cans of stew and believe that soon they will bring more of the sky.

2nd place: In the Volga region in the XIX century was a community "dyrnikov." They did not worship icons, considering them "spoiled" and prayed, having made a hole in the wall and turning to the words of prayer. Other ceremonies at "dyrnikov" was not.

1st place: Religion Jain, one of the oldest in India, practiced more than 5 million. People. The main principle of the Jains - doing no harm to living beings, so they do not eat meat and do not take up arms. Among them are "Svetambaras" (light-dressed) who do not wear any clothes. In order not to inadvertently destroy some midge, they breathe air through a gauze bandage, and the way to disperse a special broom. The food is very Jains believe abstinence and holiness riding starve themselves. However, while they are engaged in usury and ruthlessly fleeced of their debtors.


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