The terrible secret of lake Baikal

Lake Baikal is fraught with many secrets and mysteries, which spawned many myths and legends, however, they have a completely scientific explanation.


Funnel From the island of Olkhon, there are not only a Mirage but a terrible vortex, which is formed spontaneously, regardless of weather conditions. To see it, you need to move in a South-easterly direction from the island, about 30 kilometers away is a place called devil's funnel. A couple times a year here with complete calm begins to run amok element, forming a rotating column of water.
Scientists propose several versions of the causes of the phenomenon. One of them is based on the assumption that the local failure of the bottom of lake Baikal with the formation of quickly water-filled cavities, which leads to the formation of vortex on the surface.

According to another theory, in place of formation of the crater there is a collision of two local counter-currents. The direction and the strength of these currents depends on the time of year and the weather, so that under certain conditions the streams of water are moving strongly towards each other. This interaction counter-currents may indeed lead to a very powerful whirlpools. published


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