The first ten years of mobile phone safe

We constantly hear that microwave radiation of cellular phones is harmful to health. But is there any real evidence of that?

Separate teams of researchers have come to the conclusion that the use of mobile phones leads to changes in the brain, DNA mutation, and may contribute to premature aging. However, other studies have refuted this.

Another "phone horror stories" associated with the opening of scientists from the Israel Institute of Technology (Technion), headed by Professor Levi Schechter. They experimentally able to establish that cell phone radiation may cause irreversible changes in the eyes. As experimental animals were calves, which were exposed for 12 days, alternating 50-minute sessions of exposure to 10-minute breaks. As a result, in the lens of the eye any damage affecting the optical quality of the eye.

But the main "scarecrow" for users of mobile phones is a cancer of the brain. They say that radiation causes swelling of the nerves connecting the ear and brain. Meanwhile, Professor Anthony Swerdlow and colleagues from the British Institute of Cancer Research found that more than 10 years of cellular numbers of people infected brain tumor, has not increased.

"The results of our study show that there is no substantial risk in the first decade of use, and whether there are long-term risks are still unknown, as cellular communications is a relatively new", - said the scientist.

The effects of radiation can occur only if it will be long-term, experts believe. Meanwhile, almost all series of experiments, confirming the harm mobile phones, objects received large doses of microwave radiation. But most of us still do not talk on your cell for hours! Consequently, the purity of the experiment, then we can not speak!

In addition, scientific and technological progress does not stand still, and cell phone manufacturers, of course, thinking about how to make their models more secure by equipping them with the latest protection.

But do not forget that the radiation - it's still light. Therefore, at least for the night mobile phone is turned on and try not to use them unnecessarily, because nearly all have landlines.

Irina Shlionskaya


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