New signs and rituals

The main Christmas sign reads: how to celebrate New Year, so spend it! But the variation may be different.

For example, New Year's Eve can not wash dirty linen in public, ie, to sweep and clean up the garbage, or else the house would not be well-being. But what about the traditional spring cleaning ?! you may ask. The fact is that the good hosts make it a week before the New Year on the Catholic Christmas. You will need only a little to restore order on December 30 but not the 31st!

New Year's table should always be lined with an abundance of dishes, while the full year will be in the family wealth. Do not forget to put on it, and bread with salt according to tradition, a symbol of prosperity.

Try to celebrate the holiday in new clothes. Then the year would be the best. In addition, there is a sign: the New Year with new clothes for a year to go to the new clothes.

It is impossible for the New Year be without money. Otherwise the whole year will need. No money, take in debt. But pay debts before the holiday in any case is not recommended, and the whole year and will go to the debtor.

Before the whole family sit down for a New Year's table, his legs entangled by ropes: the whole year then you will live together.

During the battle of chimes is imperative to appease the animal, which on the eastern calendar is the host of the year.

Many believe that after spending New Year's Eve alone, they will remain for a year alone. And therefore seek all means to find yourself a company on the principle bezrybe cancer and fish! At least the drunk neighbor Vasya, who after the second nose glasses utknetsya salad ... Believe me: to get rid of loneliness is not guaranteed, but the mood for the next year will be spoiled!

How can that be, if you have no one to celebrate the New Year?
First of all ring up on the eve of relatives, friends and acquaintances. Congratulate them on the upcoming holiday. Ask how they plan to meet the New Year. And, if appropriate, tell me what you were alone. It is possible that you will receive at least one invitation to visit ...

If guests did not work out, do not grieve. Perhaps it's not so bad to be alone with him, considering the results of the past year and make plans for a new one. Prepare a modest table, always with champagne and snacks. When celebrate the New Year, you can go for a walk as they say, people to see and be seen ... Who knows, maybe you really happen to some miracle!

Another number to take.

* One who for the New Year table drink last glass of wine from the bottle, waiting for luck.

* If the most New Year's Eve with you something happens, it will be repeated throughout the year.

* If someone sneezes for the New Year table will stand happy year for all participants feast.

* If the January 1, the trader will give the buyer the goods first, losing much in price, the whole year of waiting for a successful trade.

* If you are New Year's Day will spend fun, the year will be a lot of fun.
Particular attention should be paid to the events that happen in the New Year's Eve and the first week before Christmas.

If New Year's Eve or New Year's Day to your house be asked stray cat or dog, this is no accident. You can not take her to the house at least feed. Then you will find success in the coming year.

Some New Year's Eve wrong door or phone number? Before we say goodbye, be sure to congratulate him on the holiday.

If the first person you meet on the street after the New Year will be a man, then the year will bring happiness.

The people you meet, or familiar, you will meet from 1 to 7 January, can play a significant role in your destiny.


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