Adolf Hitler

No matter how hot it would not, he never took off his jacket (jacket) to the public.

When Hitler tried to convince shave mustache or build completely, he replied: "You do not have to worry about mine. It may not be fashionable now, but will be fashionable then, because that's what I wear them! ".

He beat a terrible chatterbox during lunch in the company of others. Plug it - it was not possible.

Hitler never interested in sports, any kind of game, and he never took part in this.

Hitler's handwriting was magnificent. Once the greatest psychologist Carl Jung saw a text written by Hitler in 1937, said: "His handwriting is very similar to the typical female traits."

Hitler was very fond of the circus. In 1933, he was several times in the circus and each time sent a very expensive chocolate and flowers to all women tsirkachka. He also remembered the names of each of them and really really worried for them during the performance.

Every night, closer to the night, he loved to watch movies banned. He was particularly fond of European comedy and he even liked the European singers and their songs. He found them very entertaining.


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