Fun young children [quote]

My son Danya was visiting, where he was fed soup with beans. I ask the house, whether it was pleasant. "Yuck, yuck" - is responsible. "And the owners said that you praised." & Quot; I just sincerely expressed & quot;
 - Recognize:
 - I'm in love.
 - With whom?
-Don't Remember.
 - Well. it is not love. If you love someone, all the time you think about it.
 - And I think all the time: what is her name?
 - Asks: "And sometimes dry water?»
 - No. And where did you hear that?
 - Yes, in the movie said that the old lady drinking tap water with sugar. Hence, there is water and dry ...
 - Who is the abuser? I think this is the one who wears heavy, hardly raises.
 - Makes d / s, is angry: "School, the school! The school canteen only interesting ... and change »
 - Describes the school day: & quot; Ilya was on duty today. A duty, it turns out, you can not fight & quot ;.
 - -Hotel I would be a sparrow, -zavistlivo said Danya on-ulitse. Could roll bite.
 - Turn off the electricity. First Danya rejoices:
Oh, how much money will save!
Then lamented that he could not see the show:
-Dedushke Something good, the latest news yesterday was!
 - Ill with Dani spin. Moans:
-Oh, Stomatitis seized.
================================================= < br /> Their kids yet, but familiar told his son all the toys scattered about the room:
 - Son, take away extra toys.
 - Excess is unnecessary. Unnecessary, it is necessary to throw. So I have no extra, just do not want to throw away. Let lie.


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