Valery Leontiev looking for a surrogate mother to unborn child

His personal life Valery Leontiev always concealed. And the lawful wife of Valery Yakovlevich Lyudmila Isakovich rarely seen even from a fellow artist. Nearly 15 years the wife Valeria lives in their villa in Miami. Valery Yakovlevich, once pulled out from touring races, flies to America to visit her. They are together for 37 years. Evil tongues say that it is a marriage of convenience, but Leontiev says Lyudmila - the closest person to him.

Valery and Lyudmila no children. On the eve of the 60th anniversary of the singer is seriously thinking of a successor. For this, he is looking for a surrogate mother, she writes "KP».

 - Valery Ya looking for a surrogate mother for her child - told each artist. - At first, he had thought of adopting a boy no older than five years. But then he decided that he wanted her. He has consulted with renowned academician of the Institute for mother and child. Moreover, there were women, old fans who are willing to have a child singer, but he did not choose them. He wants a woman was not only decent and healthy, but also smart.

 - For many years I was engaged in a career, and now I regret that I do not have a native little creature next - admitted Leontiev. - I hope that's not too late to remedy the situation. Mother of my successor, I see a beautiful and intelligent woman.


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