Fashion for little effort! (9 photos)

The group "Blue Noses", consisting now of two people - Vyacheslav Mizin and Alexander Shaburov, five years terrorizing Moscow with his jokes. And it is not going to stop. Brutal and to limit their simple humor "on his knees" video made by some miracle, the second time found a place even in the most serious international Biennale in Venice. And visitors Moscow Biennale certainly remembered in the former Lenin Museum of the project "The Little People" to toss and turn in a cardboard box by Lenin.

During its existence, they could laugh at avant-garde of the early twentieth century, and over 90s radicals. "Blue Noses" at all ready to laugh at and above anyone - and of classical art (girls depicts Venus on the kitchen table), and Bush over bin Laden, and on the anti-globalization movement, and of themselves. Now, in the new work "Fashion to work", it was the turn of work. Why the hands of workers who create all the wealth in the world, does not appear in the pages of glossy magazines? Why work does not sung more in the works of fashionable painters? Caricature drawn "Blue Noses" appear in the background of news frames of important public events and discuss this serious topic. But, despite their claims to social, it turns still funny.


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