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 - Do you believe in the existence of parallel worlds? No? And for good reason. Because they exist. How to verify this once and for all? Watch the movie A.Balabanova "cargo-200", and if you managed to live in 80 years, you can collate their personal impressions of the 1984 year with the Hell, who showed us a talented and angry Balabanov. I do not mean the plot of the film - we had and Afghan, and maniacs, and bootleggers. Do not they matter. I was struck by the "background" in which all of this unfolded - complete chaos, destruction and general oppression. Personally, I had the impression that this is some other parallel reality in which, despite everything, constantly triumphs over evil. Of course, the authors of paintings pursued the good purpose - to show Russia that we, fortunately, lost. But we lost it? Filmed in the style of "perestroika noir" - all bad, all women - bl * Di on shabby wall - "Glory to the CPSU!" Let us America and its chewing gum! "Changes! We are waiting for change !!! »

... Personally, I have very different memories of the 1984 year. Let's remember that we've seen and how we live. Not in order to whitewash the history - we have another goal - to understand, finally, that life in the Soviet Union - it is not a dump ...

Attention! Hereinafter - personal memories and personal IMHO. If your own ideas about the era did not coincide with the views of the authors, please do not make trouble, and speak correctly and convincingly.

Al Bano and Romina Power. Let's start with the pleasant:

The glory of this Italian duo in the Soviet Union was of the hands-free - in the first half of 1980, Al Bano and Romina Power were in the Soviet Union's most popular artists and their 'Feliceta' has become the hallmark of the whole of Italian music of the era.
In 1984, the above song duet 'Ci sarà' won the Festival of San Remo.

Interesting fact:
Romina Power, considered a benchmark in the Soviet Union of Italian beauty, is an American.

Soviet Christmas cards 1983-1985 biennium.

1984 ... The boycott of the Olympics in Los Angeles, the largest loss of the year in Afghanistan, school reform, VCR "VM-12", the death of Andropov and Chernenko's rise to power, the British miners' strike, the assassination of Indira Gandhi ...

Covers Soviet magazines for 1984.

During the Cold War, even sporting events acquired political overtones - in response to the operations in Afghanistan, the US and most NATO countries responded to the boycott of the Olympic Games-80 in Moscow. In 1984, the Soviet Union made a step back and did not send its members to the Olympics in Los Angeles. In our newspapers Olympics-84 was compared to 36 ... Olympics in Nazi Germany. You will laugh, but in 1980 shtatovskih newspapers carried the same analogy with the Olympic Games in Moscow.

Alla Pugacheva the first half of 1980.

Domestic hit in 1984 was the "Iceberg" Alla Pugacheva, was first performed in the program "New Year's attraction": The singer appeared in a dark green long dress among clouds of steam. The then Allah, may not discover the magical world of mini-skirts, looked enormous matron and was much more "star", if 10-15 years later.

Films made in 1984.

February 8, 1984 everyone was watching the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sarajevo. In this Olympics the USSR - 6 gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze medals. As I engaged in figure skating, I was interested in it precisely. The most intense rivalry was in ice dancing - the Soviet duo resisted the English duo. The British got on all points the highest score of 6: 0, and Soviet commentators felt that this was done only in order to fill up our.

The Olympic Games in Sarajevo. Dancing on Ice.
I place - Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean. (England).
II place - Natalya Bestemyanova and Andrei Bukin.

... However, in the same 1984 World Cup after the English duo Torvill-Din left the big sport and no one bothered Bestemianova and Bukin lead in all competitions.

July 25 - first exit female astronaut into space. Svetlana Savitskaya went into space aboard the orbital space station "Salyut-7", and October 11 - in open space came the first American woman astronaut - Kathryn Sullivan.

Svetlana Savitskaya and Catherine Sullivan.

"UNESCO declared 1984 the year Mendeleev.

Here you can read archive logs "Around the World" for 1984.

Christina Aguilera actor's destiny in many ways defined the film "Scarecrow" Rolan Bykov. The film was shot back in 1983, but officials have long wanted this premiere. But anyway, in 1984 the country to wipe tears, worrying about the heroine Christine - Lena Bessoltsevu, and was shocked by the fact that my daughter Pugacheva not agreed to play a princess or Malvina and shaved and cropped tearful little girl in torn tights ...

Stills from the film "The Scarecrow».

Strange thing - this film is amazing, "hit the mark" - the majority of those who was a teenager at that time, can recall one or two "stuffed" in its class. Sociological studies suggest that teenage anger 80s was a reaction to social apathy "era of stagnation" in the slogans of the discrepancy with the truth. Mol, then all this has resulted in a feud informal associations and was the result of war criminals 90.
Who knows, who knows ...

Christina with her mother. The first half of the 1980s.

What's intresnoe, participation in "Scarecrow" virtually negating the "no" all the negative people for "pugachihinoy daughter" - unfortunately Christina managed to shine on the stage - the mother singing the song "You know ...", helplessly trying to deduce independent roulades ("Let Them Talk"). In fact, in the Christina Aguilera was much less "uplifting" than other children of Party workers ...

School pictures in 1984. Taken from the sites of educational institutions.

The first half of the 1980s (as the previous two decades) was a time of technocrats. Chatters, economists have not yet replaced the physicists / programmers, so the newspaper headlines "Computerization of the village", "computer in the construction of socialism" and "PC for a first grader." Everywhere were the slogans and appeals containing abbreviations STR and NTP - the technological revolution / scientific and technical progress, automation - the automated control system, computer, PC.

The jury of the Republican Mathematics Olympiad 1984
The first batch of Karpov-Kasparov in 1984.

Around the same time in (1984-1985 gg.) Schools appeared subject - informatics. The initiator of the emergence of a new subject was Academician AP Yershov. He asserted programming - the second literacy. And I believe new computer technology will be included in the life of every human being. As the water looked.

The first prototype PC "Agat" in 1984 with a color monitor (TV Youth)
Serial PC "Agat-9" color monitor and printer.

Then the whole country is talking about the reform of public education. At all levels, arguing that something was calculated, for some reason, we were introduced unnecessary items and easily abolished them. The only thing to survive - it's computer science and 11 years of schooling.

Fashion trends of 1984.

The main fashion trend - the broad shoulders, the geometric shape of the lines, asymmetry, bright local colors, aggressive business style, large pockets, raglan sleeve. Shoes - at low or medium height heels, a silhouette of women's shoes - boat. Skirt length - from midi to maxi.

Fashion magazine "The worker».

The fashion is jewelry made of cheap materials (for example, from the bright plastic), are particularly relevant clips. In place of democratic denim fashion style disco and smooth lines of the so-called "Italian fashion" (late 1970s - early 1980s) comes style "yuppies" (in the USSR, he, of course, do not name) - Clothing self-confident and fit business .

Advertising in the magazine "The worker».
The first domestic home video recorder "VM-12". 1984.

... In 1984, the fashion balahonoobraznye sweaters, baggy pullover sitting, wide long skirts, gathering at the waist by means of elastic bands. Outerwear - "inflated" jackets, tight jeans and pointy shoes with low heels - fashionable in recent ousted in 1982-1983. Boots - "rovers".

Photo from the magazine "England" for 1984.
Right - Jane Fonda - "grandmother" of all aerobics.

In 1982, Jane Fonda has patented his invention - aerobics. In 1984, almost all aerobic addicted young women in the Soviet Union. However, we called it - rhythmic gymnastics. In fashion, rapidly entered the bright woolen socks and in the absence of such sale, the ladies take them to knit. Often, these leggings were not in connection with aerobics classes, and just like that.

Czech singer Helena Vondráčková, photo 1984.

In winter wardrobe dominated samovyazannye things. Who is definitely not say that our ladies to move permanently to knit (often - at work) - a trade deficit or a general fashion for knitting. To explain this phenomenon just can not buy fashionable bright blouse would be wrong - in those years a real "boom" going through magazines on knitting in Europe and America.

Asymmetrical knitted pattern. Journal of "worker".
Photo of a woman wearing a scarf handmade - from magazine Burda.

From winter collection `I remember the terrible 84 female hats helmets. It was such a knitted tube, from which the face peered like an ambush. Even thin women in a hat at once "formed" cheeks. Add to this the wide nepritalennye coat meshkooobraznye skirts and soft boots without heels. The spectacle is not for the faint of heart.

Left - drawing of the Soviet designer: fashion trends `84.
Right - broad-shouldered silhouette summer dress.

Teenage fashion in 1984 differed little from adults. Moreover - in adult clothing in those years there were many native children - all of these plastic trifles, mega-pockets, bright jackets and low heel. In girly fashion - hair style ponytail tied not at the back of the head and side. If anyone remembers, there were such clip - "bananas", such as this one. They kept all the rage in 1983-1985 gg.

Left - children's fashion.
Right - my classmate in "inflated" jackets.

Wedding dresses of the era I definitely did not like - they are completely wild combines fashion trend to the broad shoulders and square silhouette with an attempt to soften the silhouette using frills and a fluffy skirt. I get something. All brides who strictly followed the fashion, looked massive and unwieldy. Indispensable flashlight sleeve (or sleeve-Gigot) combined with lush long skirt, lace neckline richly sheathes, and all this more "Efforts" skid hangers ...

Wedding fashion 1983/1984 biennium.
Wedding in 1984.

Thus, fashion in 1984 tended toward two extremes - bleskuchaya ostentatious and sporty fervor. However, the one and the other was bright and flashy.
Because I only remember the perfume Madame Rochas, Fidji, J'ai Ose and unchanging idol of Soviet women - Climat. More had a lot of Polish and ... Arabian perfume. From domestic Riga were acceptable.

From personal memories:
... As for me, I was completely indifferent to fashion, although most of my friends in the 13 years already flirting and trying to be painted. I remember the summer of 1984 my mother brought me from abroad pants Valentino. For most of my friends (and their moms) is the name did not matter - the main thing was different - it was foreign trendy pants season: breeches fuchsia. I must say, I wear them in the country until now:

I am now, but in my pants in 1984: the same color, same size ...

And in 1984, on the screens of the Soviet Union left the Indian movie - "Disco Dancer" with Mithun Chakraborty. Indian films, in principle, enjoyed populyarnostyuv Soviet Union, but this film has broken all records of popularity. On it went 10-15 times, sometimes with tape.

Actor Mithun Chakraborty.

From personal memories:
... I remember a classmate wrote down the words of the song "Disco Dancer" Russian letters. A lesson notebook went from hand to hand, and when the teacher still has selected this wild scribbling, she was so shocked that began softly and detachment to read it all. I still remember the eerie combination of letters: "zelyamulke."

My ideal woman in 1984 - Margaret Thatcher.
My figure: algebra - a favorite fetish.

For me, 1984 - a time of absolute happiness: I am 13 years old, my mother works abroad, I'll - "round" excellent student. If I had at the time LJ, in the "interests" in the first place was to algebra. Then he would go - drawing cartoons, tape, the group 'Arabesque', foreign magazines, social work, Margaret Thatcher, listen at night in the summer of Bi-Bi-Si ...
Summer-84. On the screens the film "TASS is authorized to declare," Mom is coming from Damascus, we pasted her friends' pictures with tёtkami "in the questionnaire, the bike" Salute "... Boy Pasha with his sister-mare did it to me" eight. " Until now, it is insulting. Girlfriend Tonya sings us "Iceberg" - her voice at me - no ...

1983-1985, hairstyles.

Now many will say to me: "Well, what could be more memories majeure ?! You saw how children lived drinkers plumbers? Or the children of those who have not brought from abroad fuchsia pants ?! "Saw. They studied with me and even invited me to visit. All this was, but there was no Hell.
I do not have an acute nostalgia - I feel good now. Therefore, I am honest with you.


As a bonus: a list of "forbidden" in 1984-1985. musical groups.

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