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The eternal theme. Remembering? )
 - Do you believe in the existence of parallel worlds? No? And for good reason. Because they exist. How to verify this once and for all? Watch the movie A.Balabanova "cargo-200", and if you managed to live in 80 years, you can collate their personal impressions of the 1984 year with the Hell, who showed us a talented and angry Balabanov. I do not mean the plot of the film - we had and Afghan, and maniacs, and bootleggers. Do not they matter. I was struck by the "background" in which all of this unfolded - complete chaos, destruction and general oppression. Personally, I had the impression that this is some other parallel reality in which, despite everything, constantly triumphs over evil. Of course, the authors of paintings pursued the good purpose - to show Russia that we, fortunately, lost. But we lost it? Filmed in the style of "perestroika noir" - all bad, all women - bl * Di on shabby wall - "Glory to the CPSU!" Let us America and its chewing gum! "Changes! We are waiting for change !!! »

... Personally, I have very different memories of the 1984 year. Let's remember that we've seen and how we live. Not in order to whitewash the history - we have another goal - to understand, finally, that life in the Soviet Union - it is not a dump ...

Attention! Hereinafter - personal memories and personal IMHO. If your own ideas about the era did not coincide with the views of the authors, please do not make trouble, and speak correctly and convincingly.

Al Bano and Romina Power. Let's start with the pleasant:

The glory of this Italian duo in the Soviet Union was of the hands-free - in the first half of 1980, Al Bano and Romina Power were in the Soviet Union's most popular artists and their 'Feliceta' has become the hallmark of the whole of Italian music of the era.
In 1984, the above song duet 'Ci sarà' won the Festival of San Remo.

Interesting fact:
Romina Power, considered a benchmark in the Soviet Union of Italian beauty, is an American.

Soviet Christmas cards 1983-1985 biennium.

1984 ... The boycott of the Olympics in Los Angeles, the largest loss of the year in Afghanistan, school reform, VCR "VM-12", the death of Andropov and Chernenko's rise to power, the British miners' strike, the assassination of Indira Gandhi ...


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