Modest purchase of civil servants in times of crisis

Civil servants to support the domestic auto industry, it seems, is not yet the time has come ... And, actually, why? Money is not paid out of pocket and out of the budget, fees goskarman only "fill", giving an extra drop of denezhek for their referral to support domestic production car.

And, by the way, is not only the automotive industry concerns. Recently (Crisis? What crisis?) Online state. procurement there are more and more unusual orders.
Let me give you just a few of them.

History № 1. Saratov State Technical University buys Porsche Cayenne

But I want to say that it reads "delivery vehicle for IBiDA SGTU", which is not public and in documents written about the "extra-budgetary funding».
It is the story caused a lot of discussion. So decide for themselves the validity of this order.
Further more interesting things)

History № 2. State educational institution of higher education "Sakhalin State University" buys Lexus LX 470

Not just a Lexus, but always with leather interior, sound system and two televisions.
In this case already is immediately evident that the source of funding - the federal budget.
Maximum price 2 400 000 rubles. The machine was purchased.


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