Neupokoev and unsophisticated (27 pics + text)

This is an amazing photo essay. Highly recommend for viewing / reading.
Writes drugoi:

Was last night at the rehearsal in the theater "ingenuous". How loud sounds - a rehearsal in the theater! In fact, the troupe, which is played by people with Down syndrome, no shelter, no place for rehearsals or stage on which to act. Let good people - rehearse, play play. Here and there. At this time, empty library workers in the arts at the Kuznetsk. Zalchik small, cluttered chairs, blinking fluorescent light from the ceiling and the floor snout three meters in length and width - this is in the interior group of young actors rehearse a scene from the last new play by "DEBATE belly with death", written at the beginning of the last century A. M.Remizovym. I do not know where the director of the theater Igor Neupokoev found this play, but her story for "simple-minded" is suitable for anyone.

Igor met his future actor for a long time, twelve years ago, in some motels. First Neupokoev played with them a fairy tale "Thumbelina", and when the play turned out, hit on the idea to create a theater troupe. And he created - since 1999 has four performance in 2006. "The simple" went to Versailles Theatre Festival in Paris, where he was awarded a prize. They already have a "Crystal Turandot", and most Neupokoeva awarded the "Crystal germ" of penance in the art. Well-deserved success - guys play selflessly commit themselves heart and soul to his theater. This is not a hospice, is a real theater company with its stars, rehearsals and performances - bright, play with full dedication.

Audiences love them, they are trying to help colleagues in the profession. Money, so necessary for the production of costumes, decorations, organizing tours, helped only twice. A few years ago the fund "Open Russia" gave a grant for the development of the theater, but at the time of Mikhail Khodorkovsky is already hovering clouds and association "Down syndrome" has refused to take money to your account, afraid of the proceedings. With difficulty agreed to take the money listed some society of persons with disabilities, do not forget to almost halve the amount of the grant in its favor. Recently, actor and director Yevgeny Mironov Kirill Serebryannikov helped knock the theater for a small sum of money. Here, perhaps, and all. No public official has never come to the show, despite numerous invitations. The city authorities do not care about "the innocent».

Now Neupokoeva seventeen permanent theater actors and one director - he himself.
See how they rehearse.

This Vlad. He has to play the main role and he takes it with pride.

Rehearsal begins with raspevki.

This Victor - a boy with a great sense of humor, ironic and naughty.


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