Wall to wall (11 photos)

This morning, the Israeli ultra-right attempted to march on the street "Arab" city of Umm El Fahm, located on the territory of Israel. A group of a hundred people guarded by about 2,500 police officers. The aim of the march was announced, is the requirement for local residents to declare loyalty to the State of Israel, informs AP.

Local residents, this requirement did not like, and they began to throw stones at police and demonstrators. It has got everyone, including journalists. As a result, "Kamneva" attacks suffered 16 people, including Deputy Inspector General of Police, Major General Shahar Elon and MK by Ilan Gilon of Meretz Party, the website Newsru.co.il. In response, police used tear gas and began to disperse Arabs threw stones at the participants' right march. " Ten people were arrested.

© AP Photo / Sebastian Scheiner


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