How come fools of America, which hosts the apartment ...

The text is fully preserved in its original form,
Well, we moved back, I am personally all the most sad cat back to Devoted Alison. I'm used to the cat and me very furious that she stayed with these fuck who we fucked shoot hut luck :) I must say, the kind of apartment in its current condition has forced the owners arrived from America hvatatsa his heart and rabid fits nositsa the apartment with lamentations - you destroyed all our lives! We collected all this life! There was of course a scandal, screaming, rushed in wardrobes, died from loss, threatened ... To be honest, we have not tormented conscience never.

presented were: -vybroshennye baby teeth ("as you do not keep your mlochnye teeth? This is part of our lives!"). No, we do not store. -vybroshennaya glass jar with bulls ("gdeee my jar! I can only keep butts in a jar with a lid!"). - Obosannye rags and clothes, diapers, and baby the way too! a child is 10 years (also a part of life) .vonyalo so watery eyes. - Discarded smelly carpet ("he was only cleaning! Plush carpet!"). I must say that what we did in the carpet walking shoes stremayutsya. - Drenched cat sofa ("we are not allowed to throw it away!"). I must say generally allowed right now, but for some reason denied. - Thrown shovels wall ("it was new, in perfect condition!"). We threw it after the adhesive tape on how to keep DSP-shnaya glass door, looking almost to brake my skull. - Reduced the size of the kitchen ('cuisine has become less! "). Well I do not know Cho and say ... - thrown smelly decrepit curtains ("Our family used to live with the windows closed!"). we have drawn curtains greasy stools. - Books. Well, we threw a book about Satanism, practical rukovodsva for magicians and sorcerers, Works Dontsova jokes by Petrosyan ... more from gossips from the godfather of sosedushki ... from God knows who else. - Terrible food color ("oooo that awful red"). clutched at his heart and cling ...... well, etc ... By the way! we joked saying that before the arrival of their type on the dump housing set - and work! :)) put forward the requirements of the payment of moral damages, promised to declare musarnyu and other tantrums agreed:-old wall. Only old! new furniture - stuff, but sovetskaya - very high quality. so the current need shovels. -old sofa \ sofa. sovetskoe too. -old small TV. komputer-old. (one of those that is usually deducted from factories and other state ucherezhdeny). By the way if anyone was overlooked and too lazy to throw out - we can help%) -zerkalo large. well, or dressing. Hair dryer. shovels, too ... mdeee -Door! Well, and of course the carpet. power shovels, too, no new, woven or knitted there is not a channel. All this is easy to find in the garbage, or give away, etc. If, by the way, you Friend, there is something in the trash of the above - can help you with getting rid of the rubbish and us from hiking in the dumps crap :) that's the way even remind you how it was :)


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