Plaster head with his own hands

Plaster head, if anyone knows, it is primarily for the benefit of academic drawing, and of photographers are often used in training. Many use the course just for the interior ... Now I will tell you and show you how they are born ...

Many people think that they are made from plaster mold:-). In general, people do not have a picture of the cast, deeply lodged opinion that from plaster mold ... Time setting plaster solution for 5-10 minutes. A phase when the solution is a little reminiscent of the clay, and is suitable for molding itself lasts less than a minute. Well, what for a period of time you can manage? Therefore, open a lot of terrible secret that all gypsum products is poured into special molds. They can be made of various materials, and also gypsum. We use a special form of silicone. They are reusable. Silicon form looks like. How are the forms, it is a topic for another master class, if you're interested I'll write about that later. It is interesting that when you look at a concave shape, you see a convex image. Why is it no one knows. Can anyone tell me in the comments?

But in the housing halves of the mold. In the background for other forms of heads.

Creating a plaster head begins with a plaster solution. Recipe ingeniously simple: plaster and water. Fill water in the container (in this case a plastic bottle, or rather its lower part).

Pour a scoop of plaster to form a small gorochki above the water surface.


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