A bit of goose-step

One blogger told interesting facts about the goose step. As he came and what a step further associates know ...

I want to talk a little bit about the climax of the parade - that moment when the ranks of Bravo pass in front of the podium, pulling the toe and measured pace. This form of ceremonial ceremonial step is called "printing step." Also called goose step - goose step.
This step is always associated with Germany. In the picture from left: Judas Trotsky said his 30 pieces of silver, until German forces defeated the Russian bear to go goose step. Right: a poster of the Second World.

Goose step introduced to the troops of Frederick II, nicknamed Old Fritz. In the XVIII century it is possible to maintain alignment with the troops and columns to control the battlefield. In Russia, it introduced Paul I, a big fan of Friedrich - "The soldier is a simple mechanism, the article provided." In 1939, under the influence of Hitler's goose-step approved Mussolini, calling it the Roman step.

Orwell on the goose step: Military parade - in fact, a kind of ritual dance, a kind of ballet, it expresses a certain philosophy of life. Goose-step, for example - one of the most horrible sights in the world, far more terrible than the dive bomber. It's just a bare assertion of power; he suggests - is not accidental, intentional - a boot stamping on the face.

The folly of this step becomes more pronounced, the higher the soldier lifts his leg. Dear Secretary of Defense, leave yourself one company guard of honor, which will deal with all these sounding nonsense, but not make the whole army to deal with this nonsense.


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