In your hands is your character ... test (4 pics + text)

Interesting enough test. Most importantly - very simple)) is recommended.
See below.

1. Weave your fingers into the lock ...

If the top will be the left thumb, write on a piece of paper the letter "L" if the right thumb - the letter "P».

2. Aim at an invisible target ...

If you use this left eye, covering the right, write the letter "L" if the contrary - "P».

3. Cross your arms across his chest, adopting the pose of Napoleon ...

If left hand would be lying on top, mark it with the letter "L" if the right - the letter "P».

4. Applaud ...

If you hit the left hand on the right, that is the letter "L" if the right hand is active - the letter "P».

Evaluate the result of a combination of letters:
"PPPP" (100 percent right-handed) - conservatism, focus on patterns, absence of conflict, strife and reluctance.
"PPPL" - the most prominent feature of character - indecision.
"PPLP" - really pin type of character. Coquetry, determination, sense of humor, artistry. (Most women ...)
"PPLL" - a rare combination. Character similar to the previous one, but softer.
"PLPP" - an analytical mind and softness. Slow addictive caution, tolerance and a certain coldness. (Most women ...)
"PLPL" - the rare combination. Nowhere, podvezhennost different influences. (Most women ...)
"LPPP" - the frequent combination. Emotional, lack of persistence and perseverance in dealing with important issues, the influence of exposure to other people's good prisposoblinemost, friendliness and easy getting in touch.
"LPPL" - more than in the previous case, the softness of nature, naive.
"LLPP" - friendliness and simplicity, some scattered interests and a tendency to introspection.
"LLPL" - simplicity, softness, credulity.
"LLLP" - emotion, energy and determination.

"LLLL" (100 percent left-handed) - "antikonservativny type of character." The ability to look at the old in a new way. Strong emotions expressed individualism, selfishness, stubbornness, sometimes reaching to the closure.
"LPLP" - the most powerful type of character. The inability to change their point of view, energy, persistence in achieving goals.
"LPLL" - similar to the previous type of character, but more unstable, prone to introspection. Have difficulty in making friends.
"PLLP" - a light character, ability to avoid conflicts, ease of communication and the establishment of acquaintances, frequent change of interests.
"PLLL" - the volatility and independence, the desire to do everything yourself.


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